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Honeywell partners Arbin Instruments

Lithium-ion battery manufacturers and gigafactories are set to get a boost as Honeywell ( teams up with Arbin Instruments to revolutionize large scale lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

The collaboration between Arbin Instruments and the expansion of Honeywell’s Battery Manufacturing Excellence Platform (MXP) will deliver an advanced autonomous formation system that addresses the needs of battery manufacturers helping them to increase throughput of battery cells while reducing floor space and saving energy costs.

“Honeywell’s advanced autonomous formation systems will enable lithium-ion battery manufacturers to accelerate the world’s transition to renewables and electrification by increasing yields of their facilities,” says Brian Reynolds, Chief Technology Officer, Honeywell Projects & Automation Systems.  “Collaborating with Arbin allows Honeywell to provide an end-to-end approach for gigafactory operators in need of cost-effective, quality battery production.”

“Our patented new formation technology provides high precision battery cycling formation with reduced capital footprint with high energy efficiency,” adds Dr. John Zhang, President and CEO, Arbin Instruments.  “Combining this with Honeywell’s abundant offerings in automation, safety, controls, and scalability provides an effective solution available for the market.”

When paired with Arbin’s systems, Honeywell's MXP optimizes dynamic performance assessment and lithium-ion battery cell formation and finishing.  Real-time data analytics enable fast performance feedback to predecessor operations for confirmations, refinements, and quality corrections.

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