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HelpSystems comments on Colorado Act

Following the recent news that Colorado became only the third US state to pass a consumer data protection law, we sat down with Adam Strange, Data Classification Specialist at HelpSystems ( gives his views.

“I was pleased to see news that Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed the Colorado Privacy Act (“the Act”), enforcing companies to give consumers the right to opt out of data collection.  The U.S. had been lagging behind other countries in terms of implementing national legislation, but with states such as California, Vermont, New York and Ohio all having data protection legislation and Alabama having its Data Breach Notification Act it seems that the tide is finally turning and laws like these are becoming more commonplace in the United States.”

“As a result, now is the right time for organizations to review their data governance and protection requirements.  They would be well advised that employing data classification is the best practice standard in the first steps to achieving a holistic data-centric security strategy and to ensure compliance with these incoming legislations.”

“Data protection is the ‘one constant’ that must be maintained across all environments.  Organizations hold and are responsible for safeguarding vast amounts of data and this data must be appropriately protected, irrespective of its type or location.  To do this effectively and remain within the boundaries of regulatory compliance, organisations must have the ability to accurately identify, classify and protect data.  An integrated combination of process and user-centric, people-based capabilities are required, alongside technology, to deliver relevant data protection strategies for each business and its users.”
“As we see more data protection legislation come into effect, the necessity to keep businesses and data safe while facilitating access and usability for all user groups will become infinitely more challenging.  The use of effective data classification tools will become paramount as organisations seek to comply with these new standards.”
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