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HelpSystems acquires Vera
To expand its data security portfolio and meet the increased demand for solutions that protect information throughout the full data lifecycle, from data classification and secure file transfer to data loss prevention and encryption, HelpSystems ( has acquired Vera, a leading cloud-based data protection solution provider.

Data is always on the move, not only within an organization, but also as it’s shared with customers, partners, and ever-growing remote workforces relying on both on-premises and cloud-based technology.  This means the once-impenetrable corporate IT perimeter no longer exists, and managing sensitive files that contain valuable IP, financial data, or customer details requires a new way of thinking.
Vera solves this challenge by attaching military-grade encryption, access controls, security, and policy directly to data, giving companies granular control and audit capabilities over their information.  It offers powerful risk mitigation for entities relying on the cloud to store sensitive IP such as product plans, manufacturing designs, financial strategies and results, and security operations audits.  It also covers data subject to regulation such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and patient medical records.
“The market for data security is evolving fast to require a comprehensive approach to discovery, detection, classification and dynamic encryption,” says Kate Bolseth, CEO, HelpSystems.  “Vera seamlessly integrates and expands HelpSystems data security solution offerings and we welcome the Vera employees and their expertise to the global HelpSystems family.”
“I’m pleased Vera is joining a global company with a comprehensive set of solutions empowering customers to strengthen their approach to data security,” says Shri Dodani, President and CEO, Vera.  “Vera solutions extend HelpSystems’ existing data security portfolio meeting the needs of our combined customers and partners.  We have been working together at some of our largest customers and have proven the joint value proposition and look forward to expanding our go-to-market leveraging HelpSystems global footprint and resources.” 
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