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Hardsoft comments on IT budgets

After the unprecedented year of 2020, we ask Andrew Morgan, Co-Founder, HardSoft Computers ( for his views on how IT leaders can use their IT budgets more wisely, investing in better technology to reap gains in productivity and competitive advantage.

“When the pandemic hit, IT budgets had to be increased and spent to get through lockdown.  Some businesses were making changes that would normally take several years, such as digital transformation, moving to the cloud, enhancing security and updating networks.  Emergency spending will now be impacting many budgets this financial year and cuts will be inevitable.”

“IT should be flexible.  Too many businesses are restricted by the way they use their IT budgets to purchase tech that quickly loses value and becomes out-of-date.  In the fast-paced world we live in, technology is evolving and changing constantly, which puts businesses at a competitive disadvantage if they choose to use capital expenditure to buy machines outright.”

“The alternative is to use a Device as a Service (DaaS) solution as this is a much more budget-friendly way to invest in IT equipment.  It is a great solution for those businesses considering how to manage a reduced budget this financial year, as it allows them to pay a monthly fee for their chosen technology.  So instead of spending an upfront lump sum, the monthly subscription provides up-to-date technology, alongside a whole host of other benefits.”

“Its important that the DaaS solution you use is both flexible, but also that you only pay for what you are using.  For instance, here at Hardsoft, our DaaS solution is called Devices for Teams ( and offers a wide range of devices to choose.”

“From a cash flow point of view, with Devices for Teams our customers only pay for what they use and don’t have large upfront costs.  The small monthly payments are predictable and good for cash flow, and the investment is classed as an operating lease.

Customers can add, subtract and change devices to suit their business needs, providing true flexibility that allows them to only pay for what they use, whilst giving them access to the latest technology that can be upgraded.  They no longer need to deal with depreciating assets, or worry about selling or disposing of old devices, freeing up their time to focus on other areas of your business.”

“Of course, having the latest tech and productivity go hand in hand.  With up-to-date technology, the needs of the business can be met, and employees have at their fingertips the right tools for the job.  The added bonus is that with Devices for Teams, customers receive a full 360-degree support wrapper for each device.  This includes warranty, support, installations, configurations and loan devices if needed.”

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