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Growth for Enterprise AI

Designed to drive greater business value from AI, DataRobot (, a leader in enterprise AI, announces enhancements to its enterprise AI platform including a Use Case Value Tracker, Location AI, Champion/Challenger Models and Humble AI for MLOps, and Anomaly Detection for Time Series.

“We believe that understanding the business value from your AI investments is a critical gap in the industry – and one that we are closing with this release,” says Phil Gurbacki, SVP of Product and Customer Experience, DataRobot.   “As organisations continue to adopt AI and scale the technology enterprise-wide, it’s critical they have the support needed to experience optimal value.  DataRobot’s new enhancements will empower customers to derive and extract even more value from their AI investments.”

Today, most enterprises are using or evaluating AI in some capacity.  According to a December 2019 survey ( conducted by O’Reilly, 85% of organizations are currently evaluating AI or using it in production.   AI investments are continuing to grow, and a recent IDC report ( found that spending on AI systems will increase by 31% in 2020.

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