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Forensic training from Exterro

The increasing importance of digital evidence in criminal cases coupled with mounting data volumes has driven demand for forensic tools.  However, training in their use is crucial: the forensic imaging process is the most volatile part of a forensic investigation because law enforcement officers must interact with live evidence. 


Data can be destroyed and inadvertently changed during a process if the correct steps are not followed.  Now law enforcement officers can get free forensic imaging training from Exterro ( to support their use of forensic tools in the fight against crime.  

FTK Imager from Exterro enables users to quickly assess electronic evidence by obtaining forensic images of computer data, without making changes to the original evidence.  The imager is part of a family of products known as Exterro FTK (Forensic Tool Kit) that enables organizations to perform in-depth analysis of complex investigations using the latest forensic technologies to both comb through and identify evidence, while allowing multiple parties to collaborate and communicate in real-time.

“We believe the training will be of great benefit to law enforcement personnel to support their fight against crime.  FTK Imager is a tool with some really useful features.  We want to make sure that whether used in the lab or in the field, our customers can get the best from the tool.  Training has such an important part to play in DFIR.  Providing access to our FTK Imager 100 class is a great way of supporting the law enforcement community,” says Sarah Hargreaves, Vice President of Global Training, Exterro.  

“Training is an integral part of any law enforcement workflow.  Police personnel need to convey their evidence in a court of law, so it is vitally important that the evidence that they provide is based on a tried and tested workflow and that they can demonstrate both training and competence in the use of any tool or software that is used in the forensic workflow.”
The free, one-day classes will be offered in online and classroom formats over the next three months until 30th June, 2022, after which it will be freely available on demand to law enforcement customers.  

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