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FinancialForce becomes Certinia

Service businesses are set to get a boost as FinancialForce evolves beyond its ERP roots to become Certinia ( and creates a ‘single source of certainty’ for service leaders.

Combining three key attributes – a connected business, intelligent delivery, and scalable agility – Certinia will deliver a comprehensive and seamless Services-as-a-Business (SaaB) platform to connect all aspects of services operations.

“FinancialForce was the perfect name when the company was founded in 2009 describing its intent to deliver ERP on,” explains Scott Brown, CEO, Certinia.  “Over the past decade, the company invested heavily to become the most trusted PSA solution in the market.  Now, we have expanded our ERP leadership with the addition of FP&A, and recently launched new products in two additional markets with Customer Success Cloud and Services CPQ.  Together, these are a comprehensive and tightly integrated platform for services businesses.  It was time to ensure our name and brand align with all we do in the marketplace today.”

Certinia's Services-as-a-Business platform includes Professional Services Automation, Customer Success, Services CPQ, ERP and FP&A solutions.  By seamlessly connecting all aspects of services operations – from estimation to delivery, customer success management, and financial planning – the platform empowers businesses to deliver excellent services, improve the customer experience, and accelerate growth.

“The name Certinia is an affirmation of one of the key benefits our customers experience when implementing our solutions … certainty,” adds Brown.  “They can be certain they will be able to deliver the right business outcomes, customer experiences and financial performance that they strive to achieve.  In an uncertain and ever-changing world, we hear every day from our customers how important our solutions are to navigating these challenges with a single source of certainty.”

Certinia's Services-as-a-Business platform features a common set of process flows, data elements and cloud architecture that connects the dots across an entire organization.  It encompasses all the solutions needed to run a connected services business today from opportunity to renewal.
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