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Feature discovery for Snowflake
A leader in AI enterprise technology, DataRobot ( announces further integration with data cloud company, Snowflake ( to bring Snowflake users access to DataRobot’s Feature Discovery functionality that automatically discovers, tests, and creates hundreds of valuable new features for machine learning models.  This dramatically improves models’ accuracy, increasing an organisation’s ability to make accurate predictions and generate value.

The new Feature Discovery integration with Snowflake delivers this innovative capability to Snowflake users, pushing down data preparation operations into Snowflake to minimize data movement resulting in faster performance and lower operating costs.  This allows users to obtain more accurate DataRobot models by accessing more data from Snowflake and leveraging the power of Snowflake’s Data Cloud.  With Feature Discovery, the joining, aggregating, and creation of derived features from datasets is done automatically using data science best practices.  This lets users build better machine learning models in less time and drive more innovation with AI.
“By conducting data enrichment and initial processing natively on Snowflake, joint customers are able to build more accurate models more quickly,” says Torsten Grabs, Director of Product Management at Snowflake.  “This is the first of many planned technical integrations with DataRobot stemming from our ongoing partnership and I’m excited to see the immediate impact this can have for our customers’ use of data science.”

“At DataRobot, our goal is to generate as much value from the intelligence gleaned from data for our customers as we can – a vision that Snowflake is equally committed to,” explains Nenshad Bardoliwalla, SVP of Product, DataRobot.  “We’re thrilled to be delivering on our expanded partnership with Snowflake by bringing the power of automation to the Feature Discovery process directly into the Snowflake environment.”

DataRobot and Snowflake’s partnership commenced in 2018 with a goal of accelerating the adoption of AI in the enterprise by reducing complexity and removing the delay between data and insights.  Since then, the two companies have strengthened their partnership via numerous integrations, DataRobot’s inclusion in Snowflake’s Partner Connect, and achieving Elite status in the Snowflake Partner Network.  In December 2020, DataRobot announced that Snowflake Ventures, the venture arm of Snowflake, had made an investment as part of DataRobot’s $320 million Series F funding round.  As part of that investment, the two companies entered into a partnership to further accelerate product and go-to-market synergies. 
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