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Faster analytics for neo4j

The world’s leading graph database and analytics company Neo4j ( announces major new capabilities enabling cloud or self-managed customers to increase analytical queries by up to 100x faster, run both transactional and analytical processing within one database, and automatically track data changes in real time for faster mission-critical decision making.  

“Neo4j’s integration of operational and analytical workloads within a single database is now enhanced by the power of parallel runtime and change data capture, empowering our customers with real-time insights, cost-efficient data management, and simplified architecture,” explains Sudhir Hasbe, Chief Product Officer, Neo4j.  “The results foster quicker decision-making, superior customer experiences, and a competitive edge in the market at a magnitude of speed, performance and agility that is far greater than ever before.”

New capabilities and benefits include: up to 100X faster performance of analytical queries via Parallel Runtime capability, which adds concurrent threads across multiple CPU cores to run analytical graph queries; faster mission-critical decisions via Change Data Capture (CDC) which automates the real-time tracking and notification of data changes in the database; easier Knowledge Graph creation via new embedding models that predict and find missing relationships and infer new connections within an organization’s knowledge graph for greater semantic understanding; and new pathfinding algorithms to make complex workflows more efficient by identifying the best sequence and critical paths between nodes on a graph.
“Neo4j’s Change Data Capture capability enables us to synchronize the latest changes happening in our customers’ various data sources simultaneously – and helps us guarantee that when they use Dropbox Dash, they can search and find their content accurately,” explains Anil Masakal, Engineering Leader, Dropbox.
“Neo4j’s new capabilities enable modern law enforcement agencies to react with greater agility to mission-critical events, empowering them to fight more crimes and solve them faster,” adds Christophe Willemsen, CTO, GraphAware.  “For example, we can trigger alerts and send them to front-line officers when the phone number of a Person of Interest pings from a cellular tower near a high-risk event where a VIP is present, bodycam footage shows the image of a child at risk, and other events.”
The additional capabilities advance Neo4j’s position as the authoritative data source for analytical and operational systems within an enterprise.  Today, Neo4j is used by 75% of the Fortune 100.  The new features are available on Neo4j Graph Database and Neo4j AuraDB now, free of charge, with CDC initially available as an EAP public beta.
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