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Exterro expands privacy suite

Continuing its tradition of innovation in data privacy Exterro ( enhances its Exterro Privacy suite with two new products Exterro Data Discovery and Exterro Consent.

Exterro Data Discovery product has partnered with Divebell (, a leading innovator in Data Discovery, to create the fastest, most automated, and most secure way to find, identify, and classify personal information, assess data policy compliance, and calculate risk across the entire data landscape.  Exceptionally fast scan speeds enable continuous scanning of the enterprise’s structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that provides up to the minute visibility into all the organization’s data.  Exterro Data Discovery automatically finds personal and sensitive data and provides prioritized, actionable views. This gives the organization a clear path to mitigating risks and documenting its progress in enforcing data policy compliance.  
“Privacy, data protection, and compliance professionals all need an accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive dictionary of their data,” says Ray Pathak, Vice President of Privacy, Exterro.  “Exterro Data Discovery automates this process and also links identified information with business context information in Exterro Data Inventory and the rest of the Exterro Legal GRC suite.”
“The constant stream of new state and global privacy regulations is driving a need for better-performing, more secure ways of finding out how organizations’ data stacks up in terms of risk and compliance,” adds Pathak.  “We’ve partnered with Divebell to bring organizations a product which slashes the time from scan to actionable results from months to minutes.  This simplifies an organization’s privacy and other data governance initiatives, without adding security risks.  This unique combination of speed, accuracy, and security creates tremendous leverage for our clients who can focus on the more difficult remediation and change management portions of their privacy program.”
To create the first universal consent solution for the new “post-cookie” consent and preference management landscape, Exterro has partnered with PrivacyCheq, an innovator in consent and preference management.  As third-party cookies disappear, the technology requirements for consent and preference management are shifting dramatically.  This change creates an opportunity for organizations to deliver a much richer and more friendly consumer privacy experience, but only with the right kind of consent and preference infrastructure to support it.  

Exterro Consent delivers a new consent model for the post-cookie era, focused on improving the customer experience by enabling seamless integration of consent into all communication channels.  Organizations can use the new technology to design channels that are more responsive to customer choice.
“Organizations are demanding a new approach to consent and preference as they adapt to changes in browser technology and treat consent as a part of the interaction, rather than a gate,” says Pathak.  “We have partnered with the leading innovator in this area, PrivacyCheq, to enable our customers to realize this vision.  As older cookie consent models become obsolete technology, Exterro is helping its customers into the future, enabling them to optimize their customer journeys across all channels of communication.”

The additional products for the Exterro Privacy suite are available immediately.
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