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Enterprise AI from Datarobot

Enterprise AI experts, DataRobot ( unveils the latest version of its Enterprise AI Platform introducing visual AI, AI applications and automated deep learning to further unlock the value of AI by putting the power of AI into the hands of more users and making it simpler to build and deploy deep learning models.

With Visual AI, users can simply drag and drop a collection of images into a project and build custom deep learning models in minutes. DataRobot’s Visual AI then takes image-based machine learning one step further by allowing users to leverage images alongside any other feature types such as numeric, categorical, dates, and raw text.

Any machine learning model, including DataRobot-generated models or models written in R or Python, now can be turned into an AI Application using the DataRobot solution to enable employees of all skill levels to interact with the predictive insight of the underlying model and experiment with different scenarios, predict results, and make more informed business decisions.  The new feature also includes an Applications Gallery - a one-stop shop that allows business users to find the application that best suits their needs.

Powered by a new Keras-based model framework for which DataRobot has recently secured a provisional patent, DataRobot’s new capabilities allow users to build successful and reliable deep learning models which are ready to deploy into production and make it easy to understand these models – all with the infrastructure a user has in place.

“Having pioneered the automated machine learning category, we are proud to push the boundaries of what’s possible with the technology by offering these novel automated deep learning and Visual AI capabilities,” says Phil Gurbacki, SVP of Product and Customer Experience, DataRobot.  “Subject matter experts from any industry can now solve new business problems by including relevant image-based content along with other more traditional data types. This latest evolution of our platform will empower AI to make even better decisions based on broader perspectives.”

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