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Egress comments on NCSC service
The launch of The National Cyber Security Centre’s latest ‘Suspicious Email Reporting Service’ is being well received by industry experts.

As Tony Pepper, CEO, Egress ( explains, “Our recent Insider Data Breach survey found that 41% of employees who had accidentally leaked data had done so because of a phishing email.  So it’s great to hear about the launch of NCSC’s new initiative today with its Suspicious Email Reporting Service ( resource; designed to make it easier for members of the public to report online scams and also provide police with real-time analysis of phishing patterns to better track and stop attacks.

According to survey (, senior personnel are typically the most likely group to fall victim to phishing attacks, with 61% of directors saying that they’d caused a breach in this way.

“With attackers trying to take advantage of an environment of heightened anxiety and disrupted work settings to trick people into making mistakes, it’s paramount that people remain vigilant to the threat of phishing email and are proactive in reporting anything they receive that could be malicious to colleagues within the security teams,” says Pepper.

“Things to look out for include poor spelling and grammar, unexpected URLs when hovering over hyperlinks, unreasonable urgency, and requests for personal information, financial details and credentials.”

A full copy of the Egress Insider Data Breach survey can be downloaded from
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