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Eagle Genomics joins life science hub

Deep tech solutions provider, Eagle Genomics ( is participating in the Fast-Track Programme to Barcelona-Catalonia Life Science Hub (, Catalonia Trade & Investment’s initiative for UK firms looking to expand to Spanish-speaking markets.

As one of 10 UK biotech and life sciences companies in the scheme, Eagle Genomics will receive specialized support and connect with Barcelona-Catalonia’s vast life sciences expertise and talent pool.  

“By supporting research and development in critical areas like the microbiome with our AI-augmented knowledge discovery platform e[datascientist]™, we are supporting organizations to build a more generative, sustainable future for our food, water, soil, and human health,” says Anthony Finbow, CEO, Eagle Genomics.  “Working with the Catalonian region provides another exciting opportunity to fulfil our goal of becoming the world’s burgeoning global life sciences knowledge discovery hub.”

“Spain, and in particular Catalonia, represents an amazing opportunity for Eagle Genomics to continue to grow and develop multi-national partnerships and relationships. We are excited to progress to the Programme’s next stages,” adds Mari Elena Martyak, Head of Product Marketing, Eagle Genomics.

“Eagle Genomics’ goal in this Programme is to help drive the ‘4th industrial (Bio) Revolution’ market shift in Catalonia,” comments Marina Gonzalo, Scientific Marketing Manager, Eagle Genomics.  “To that end, we believe that e[datascientist]™ can empower the life sciences and biopharma industries to meet both current and future challenges, by helping drive the digital reinvention of science.”

In the coming weeks, Eagle Genomics will also participate in the second part of the Programme, which will be a market access session led by Alira Health, local experts, and the UK’s Department of International Trade.

The health expenditure of all Spanish-speaking markets is worth around USD $276 billion, with Spain being the second biggest investor in Latin America.  Spain also ranks fourth worldwide in the number of its clinical trials, with half being conducted in Catalonia.  The Catalonia region also hosts 50% of all Spanish pharma and biotech activity.  

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