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Dr Hannah Fry opens Infosec

At Europe’s number one information security event, Infosecurity Europe (, renowned mathematician and broadcaster, Dr. Hannah Fry is set to deliver the opening keynote on a lesson in predicting human behaviour through algorithms.

A prominent female speaker, Hannah is Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London and a regular presenter of science and maths programmes on BBC TV and radio.  Hannah will kick off the keynotes with a discussion on ‘The Use of Mathematical Models to Better Predict Human Behaviour’ on Tuesday 2 June (10.20-11.05am).

Hannah takes unusual examples of how data and models are used in everything from locating serial killers, the analysis of fertility in cows, and predicting malarial water sources.
During her presentation, Hannah will share her perspective on how data created in a digital world can be comprehended through algorithms and models to analyse complex behaviour.
Her keynote speech will look at how mathematics can be applied to identify patterns and analyze human behaviours.  She considers the maths of the everyday; how numbers and formula can explain behaviours, spotting patterns in the modern-day data deluge to find the meaning in them.  Hannah will examine how data is collected, used, how reliable it is and what its limitations.
Hannah will also address how artificial intelligence is finding new ways to use data and how it is being applied to outperform humans in delivering unbiased decision-making, and how data offers the possibility to reduce uncertainty as she does in her book “Hello World: How to be Human in the Age of the Machine”.
The Keynote Stage at Infosecurity Europe addresses how to strengthen your organization’s security posture and learn lessons from CISOs at the sharp-end and industry thought-leaders on how to tackle the latest infosec challenges.  

Specific session content details and additional speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.  For more information about the keynote line-up can be found at|0Keynotex$sp$xStage#

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