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DCIG ranks Infinidat in top 5

Analyst firm DCIG names Infinidat’s ( InfiniBox® and InfiniGuard® solutions as one of the world’s Top 5 cyber secure backup targets in the latest DCIG report ‘2024-25 DCIG TOP 5 2PB+ Cyber Secure Backup Targets Global Edition’.

In the report, DCIG reviewed 27 different 2PB+ cyber secure backup targets as part of its independent research into the enterprise market where ransomware and malware are first attacking backup targets to hinder an enterprise from recovering from a cyberattack.  “Cyber resilience is at the core of our InfiniBox and InfiniGuard solutions with our built-in InfiniSafe cyber storage capabilities that have been absolutely game changing for enterprise customers when it comes to combatting and neutralizing the effects of ransomware and malware, as well as making cyber recovery of data nearly instantaneous,” explains Eric Herzog, Chief Marketing Officer, Infinidat.  “Having both the InfiniBox and the InfiniGuard named a Top 5 solution as a cyber secure backup just made it easier for more enterprises to increase their levels of cyber resilience in their data infrastructure with flexibility and reliability. When you think cyber secure, it’s time to think Infinidat.”

“Each enterprise’s requirements for how they manage backups and for facilitating fast recoveries will influence their choice between these two Infinidat systems,” says the DCIG report.  “Enterprises that need a backup target that maximizes available storage capacity should choose the InfiniGuard B4320. This model scales over 50PBs of storage capacity and offers data deduplication, and it’s important to note it uses an InfiniBox as its back-end storage.  Those enterprises that need the backup target to host application and data recoveries should give preference to the InfiniBox F6320.”

“As our report shows, it is critical for enterprises to choose cyber secure backup targets as part of a cyber secure data environment,” says Jerome Wendt, Principal Data Protection Analyst, DCIG.  “The need for broader recovery capabilities from cyberattacks demands it.  Even when a backup target repels an attack, such as ransomware, enterprises must begin from the premise that an attack has compromised their production systems and data.  This necessitates the need for the backup target to take on additional roles, such as performing rapid restores and hosting recoveries, while the solution continues to function as a backup target.  Cyber security features have become prerequisites for enterprises seeking to protect their backups and accelerate cyber recovery.”

The DCIG report can be found at

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