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DCIG ranks Infinibox as top storage

Industry analyst firm, DCIG, names the Infinidat’s InfiniBox™ SSA II and InfiniBox® as one of the world’s top five high-end storage arrays for the second year in its latest ‘2023-2024 DCIG Top 5 High-End Storage Arrays Report’.

Among the product features that DCIG called out as exceptional in the InfiniBox platform, earning a “top spot” in the enterprise storage industry, is cyber resilience with InfiniSafe® technology, which features near-instantaneous recovery, immutable snapshots, a fenced forensic network environment and remote logical air gapping for primary storage.

Based on independent research that DCIG conducted in the large enterprise market and among cloud service providers, the report says, “The all-flash InfiniBox SSA II and hybrid InfiniBox arrays showcase Infinidat’s thorough understanding of enterprise high-end storage requirements.”

“Being named one of the top five high-end storage arrays clearly shows Infinidat’s attention to the business and technical values essential to large enterprise storage deployments,” says Eric Herzog, Chief Marketing Officer, Infinidat.  “This is the second consecutive year that DCIG has selected Infinidat in a ‘Top 5’ list that affirms the confidence that enterprise customers have in the Infinidat portfolio of cyber resilient storage solutions.  We’re building on the momentum we gained in 2022 when DCIG named Infinidat as one of the top Storage-as-a Service vendors.  When large organizations need enterprise storage, Infinidat has the attention of their key decision-makers.”

“Large enterprises look to high-end storage arrays to provide a combination of high performance, high availability, cyber storage resilience, and comprehensive enterprise data services for all their business-critical data,” adds Ken Clipperton, DCIG Lead Analyst for Storage.  “The all-flash InfiniBox SSA II and hybrid InfiniBox arrays showcase Infinidat’s thorough understanding of these requirements, including guaranteed recoveries in less than one minute.”

The InfiniBox SSA II is the industry’s fastest all-flash storage array with an unprecedented 35 microseconds of latency.  It provides unmatched high availability, comprehensive cyber storage resilience, ease of use, autonomous automation, and high reliability, plus comprehensive AIOps integration.  Enterprise customers obtain optimal application and workload performance, simplify substantial storage consolidation, and reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

“The InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA II platforms for enterprise primary storage deployments are not only the most cyber resilient and most reliable storage solutions in the industry, but also the highest performing,” says Herzog.  “From the earliest InfiniBox installations, Infinidat has earned a reputation for product quality and reliability from an enterprise community that has zero tolerance for downtime.  Every InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA II comes with a strong set of guaranteed SLAs: 100% availability guaranteed, performance guaranteed, and cyber resilience guaranteed.  The solution delivers maximum performance with minimum administrative overhead.”

The DCIG report can be found at

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