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Datarobot joins WEF initiative

AI enterprise leader, DataRobot ( joins the ‘Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’ ( initiative launched by the World Economic Forum to accelerate the societal benefits of AI and machine learning while ensuring equity, privacy, transparency, accountability, and social impact.

This initiative brings together key stakeholders from the public and private sectors to co-design and test policy frameworks that accelerate the benefits and mitigate the risks of AI and machine learning.  Project areas include standards for protecting children, creating an AI regulator for the 21st century, and addressing the unique challenges of facial recognition technology.  

“As a leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is our responsibility to play an active role in ensuring that AI will be used for the betterment of society.  We are standing at a critical technological moment in history for companies to drive change and shape a more equitable, AI-powered future for the benefit of all, not just the benefit of a few,” says Ted Kwartler, VP of Trusted AI at DataRobot.

With the goal of improving organizational behaviour widely and continuing to do good with technology, we are pleased to join forces with the World Economic Forum to make new alliances, start new conversations, and mobilize the resources needed to make the world of technology more sustainable and inclusive.  We are excited to take part in this valuable platform, share our learnings across the industry, and work with the World Economic Forum to build a more ethical, explainable, and equitable AI ecosystem.”

As members of the initiative, DataRobot will work closely with researchers, organizations, and other key stakeholders to drive new understandings of how AI can and should be used to better society, while ensuring use cases are ethical and equitable. 
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