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Data security Boldon James comments

News from Tessian that shows employees at large organizations send over 130 emails a week to the wrong person reveals that data security is still a major problem for businesses.

“It’s somewhat alarming, but not surprising, that such high volumes of emails are sent to the wrong recipients each week.  The processes in place do not protect the user, and there is no clear-cut way organizations can tell what sensitive information has left the business, or where it went to, without utilizing the right tools,” says Martin Sugden, CEO of data security and governance specialists, Boldon James (

 “It’s no secret that data is the most valuable asset a business holds these days.  Yet when we have looked at insider threats, it’s rarely a malicious actor who emails out sensitive data from your organization.”

“The biggest risk are the busy users who are simply uneducated when it comes to data security, and therefore, are left unprotected.  It is so important to educate your users in understanding how they can operate in a more secure way.”

“By incorporating security policy as part of their day-to-day workflow allows you to empower your users, and results in your business becoming more secure and more efficient,” comments Sugden.


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