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Crest accreditation for Integrity360

UK and Ireland’s largest independent cyber security services specialist, Integrity360 ( announces it has been accredited by the internationally-recognized professional accreditation and certification body CREST, for its Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) service and capability.  

Following a rigorous assessment of Integrity360’s CSIR processes, to test and demonstrate skill, knowledge, and competence, CREST has acknowledged Integrity360’s experienced Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT).  The accreditation considers their proficiency to quickly recognize, respond and contain threats, minimize their impact, and assess an organizations’ ongoing capability and robustness of its cyber security infrastructure and systems.  As an independent, verifiable third-party assessment, it provides added assurance of Integrity360’s quality and technical capabilities.

Now seen as a core component of any cyber security strategy, and a feature for many IT frameworks and standards, the CREST accreditation reflects Integrity360’s ongoing commitment to providing leading and innovative security services.

“Integrity360 is delighted to be awarded this accreditation in recognition of the strength, dedication and expertise of our CIRT consultants and analysts,” says Patrick Wragg, Head of CIRT, Integrity360.  “This accreditation in addition to our existing certifications including GIAC and ISACA further demonstrate our commitment to technical excellence and quality as our team continues to expand. It also compliments our longstanding CREST accreditation for penetration testing”.

“Adding Cyber Security Incident Response to Integrity360’s existing CREST accreditation for Penetration Testing demonstrates that the company is in a strong position to support organizations across the full life cycle of incidents as well to enhance their security posture,” says Rowland Johnson, President, CREST.  “Integrty360’s CREST accreditations reflect that it has a commitment to invest in the people, processes, methodologies, and systems to deliver internationally recognized and trusted services to CIOs and CSOs.”  

Integrity360’s CIRT service provides organizations rapid access to specialist expertise and resources to handle and remediate security incidents making use of specialist proprietary tools and proven service methodologies such as managed security, cyber risk and assurance and cyber security testing

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