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Hitting Your Contract Management Goal

Managing business contracts should be straightforward in today’s digital age, but many CFOs are still hobbled by processes that can impact businesses.

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The rise and rise of the megacity

By 2025, the developing world will be

home to 29 megacities as the prospect of better employment continues to luret

those in rural outposts to urban centres.

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Graph technology: AI’s missing link

Graph enhancements to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the landscape of AIs

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In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2019

In-memory computing (IMC) can enable companies to deliver real-time, massively scalable applications.

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Apps Get the AI Treatment 

Wherever you look there are new takes

on how AI is going to impact business.

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Analysing the Struggles and Successes of DCIM 

Wherever you look there are new takes

on how AI is going to impact business

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Facing 5G

5G-Ready transport networks continue

to evolve into semi-unmapped territory.

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How the digital world is reinventing client relationships

Digitisation is driving unprecedented change and it is changing the rules of client engagement. 

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State of Social Report 2019

The State of Social is an annual report focuses on the world of social media marketing for the year ahead.

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State of Mobile Report 2019

The trend toward mobile is set to have massive ramifications for every industry. More ...

Friction-free digital finance

A drought of financial resources and

poor cash flow can seriously threaten

the survival of any businesss.

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Self-encryption deception

Recently, protection of sensitive

has received increased attention. 

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