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APIs for Fintechs
Banks can adopt several strategies when working with fintechs. 
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CIAM for customers with varying levels of experience

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) often gets confused with IAM solutions, however, CIAM solutions are still solving identity access related issues.

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How APIs can transform business
As business continues to operate far from its norms, companies are having to get creative in thinking up new ways to operate in a day-to-day world where mobility has been strictly reduced.
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Myopic vision can blindside a business

Responding to changing market conditions as markets rebuild in the aftermath of COVID-19 continues to challenge both IT and business leaders. 

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The benefits of continuous testing

Defined as a software testing methodology, continuous testing involves a process of testing early, often and everywhere, and needs to be on the agenda for every organization.


IT for CEOs & CFOs has one goal: to be the source of the most authoritative information for CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs involved in all aspects of IT and Software.

Articles are written for senior executives by experts whose authority comes from careful analysis, study, and experience, and are relevant to different industries, sectors and geographical locations.

Covering all aspects of Information Technology, Software, IT Compliance, Data Centres, Cloud Computing, Cabling, Hardware, Green IT, and Mobile Technologies, the ideas presented in these articles have been tested in the real world of business and can be translated into action.

Buiders of digital infrastructure

The continued growth of the global data centre market is being driven by an explosion of cloud and internet services.

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Digital currencies

Cryptocurrencies have been in

existence for quite some time, the

concept being introduced by computer engineer Wei Dai that led to him publishing a paper in 1998.

Expert witness and data breaches
With personal data being easily

purchased from the dark web, many criminals are undertaking this data to commit identity theft.

DDos attacks
Nearly every organization is dependent

on some form of technology and connectivity.

Powering remote working
The technology industry has been the enabler of remote working in some way, shape, or form for some time.
Covid-19 and the move to the cloud
Until recently organizations have historically looked at only new
application development, taking a ‘cloud first’ approach.
Getting the right IaaS provider
Businesses are now at the stage where their cloud strategy and choice of cloud computing models is vital to their long-term sustainability and profitability.
Defeating business disruption 
Nearly every organization is dependent
on some form of technology and connectivity.
Data centre management skills

As data becomes the most valuable

asset to businesses and digital transformation thunders on, the

role of the CIO has become increasingly business critical.

Why your SD-WAN deployment is

There is an uncomfortable networking truth that is widely known but seldom acknowledged: implementing software-defined (SD-WAN) is difficult.

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Monitizing APIs

Application program interfaces or API’s

are becoming increasingly popular.


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