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TypingDNA partners WSO2

Typing biometrics authentication specialists, TypingDNA ( is partnering with WSO2 ( to further enhance WSO2’s latest customer identity and access management (CIAM) offerings to give an additional layer of comprehensive and robust protection against sophisticated cyber threats.  By using  TypingDNA’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology to recognize trusted users by the way they type on their keyboards, will enable WSO2 to give a seamless user experience when authenticating.

The technology partnership is aimed at enabling organizations which use WSO2 Private CIAM Cloud and WSO2 Identity Server 6.0 to deploy innovative, user-friendly typing biometrics-based authentication.  TypingDNA’s Authentication API integration is suitable for companies looking to create both adaptive risk-based authentication and passive multi-factor authentication workflows in various industries without adding friction to identity verification and online security measures.

“We are thrilled to partner with WSO2 and provide a new kind of biometrics by offering both a seamless user experience and security,” says Cristian Tamas, CMO, TypingDNA.  “This collaboration complements our quest to enable companies using our typing biometrics technology to transition to user-centric authentication processes, meet various global compliance requirements, and offer a secure, frictionless user journey.”
"We are excited to team with TypingDNA to provide an intuitive option for authenticating internal and external users with typing biometrics,” adds Geethika Cooray, vice president and general manager of identity and access management, WSO2.  “The technology partnership with TypingDNA, an innovator in biometrics, is one more way that we are extending our commitment to creating superior, frictionless digital experiences for customers using WSO2’s CIAM solutions.”
End-users are passively authenticated based on their unique typing patterns since TypingDNA’s technology only needs to collect a few brief typing samples upon implementation.  The machine-learning models learn from new typing activity to make matching even more accurate over time.  The AI-based technology enhances security; prevents account takeover; safeguards against online fraud anywhere users type; and works on any device, app, or browser.  It is usually deployed for customer and employee authentication.
The new WSO2 Private CIAM Cloud and Version 6.0 of WSO2 Identity Server, the industry-leading, open-source software that manages more than 1 billion identities each year enables developers to harness the power of CIAM to incorporate the ability to federate, authenticate and manage identities; bridge across heterogeneous identity protocols; and secure access to web and mobile applications along with API-based endpoints. Additionally, WSO2 Private CIAM Cloud builds on the business-to-consumer (B2C) support delivered by WSO2 Identity Server to also offer functionality for advanced business-to-business (B2B) scenarios.
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