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ChatGPT enhances b2b CX

Customer service functions are set to get a boost as global cloud platform and leader in AI-driven process automation solutions provider Esker ( now incorporates ChatGPT into Esker Synergy AI technology.

Built into Esker’s Customer Enquiry Management solution, ChatGPT provides Customer Service professionals with an additional resource to efficiently handle customer enquiries such as order status, availability, pricing requests and product information questions.  

Shared inboxes allow multiple Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to view and reply to emails, but retrieving accurate data like order, pricing and shipping data as well as previous conversations from a variety of systems (ERP, email, CRM, chat) can add hours of work and is error-prone.  With AI-supported technologies, these processes are sped up significantly, cutting handling time down to just minutes.

“Managing a shared Customer Service inbox can get pretty messy, with enquiries often falling through the cracks and frustrated customers on the other end,” explains Aurélien Coq, Customer Service Product Manager, Esker.  “ChatGPT analyses inbound customer emails, queries different systems and generates an answer for the CSR to use.  This saves incredible amounts of time, freeing up CSRs to perform more fulfilling tasks, and customers get what they expect – a quick and helpful response.”

The responses proposed by ChatGPT are reviewed, edited if needed and approved by the CSR, who answers the customer(s) directly.  “While not intended to replace a CSR, ChatGPT is an incredibly useful tool that improves the customer service workflows and the customer experience,” comments Coq.
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