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Bluevoyant joins IST taskforce
Cybersecurity company, BlueVoyant (, has been announced as a formal task force member at the launch of the Institute for Security and Technology (IST)’s Ransomware Task Force (  BlueVoyant joins fellow members such as Microsoft and Palo Alto Networks.

Ransomware is a flourishing criminal industry with an expanding list of targets, with large businesses, schools, governments, hospitals, and nearly every facet of everyday life being targeted, disrupted, and held hostage. It’s for this reason that the Ransomware Task Force has been established, bringing together a broad coalition of experts from disparate sectors, to produce a roadmap for ransomware mitigation.  The objective is to provide actionable solutions that can be undertaken in the immediate and long-term.

More on the IST Ransomware Task Force can be found at
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