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Automate Studio supports SAP Fiori

Simplifying data automation for SAP just got easier as Precisely announces the addition of SAP Fiori and SAP GUI for HTML modules to Automate Studio.

“By adding support for SAP Fiori, Precisely Automate can help us to streamline and automate our business processes for supply chain planning, logistics, and customer engagement, and other domains,” says Dominik Lind, IT consultant, K+S, a pioneer in environmentally friendly and sustainable mining.  “Our team benefits from greater flexibility along with added governance, automation, and simplicity to bring us confidence in the data we use to make decisions.  We’ve significantly improved our productivity thanks to Precisely.”

The latest release of Automate Studio will include modules for Studio for Fiori Automation and Studio for SAP GUI for HTML and allows for the integration of data automation across multiple SAP ERP environments.  Each module will deliver the same user experience as the traditional Transaction module for Automate Studio for SAP GUI and will expand those capabilities to SAP Fiori applications built on SAPUI5 and the SAP GUI for HTML ERP interface.  The new modules will offer organizations an easy way to automate and govern the creation and collection of SAP data that can be validated, corrected, reviewed, approved, and enhanced in Excel spreadsheets before being posted to SAP ERP systems, including SAP S/4HANA private and public clouds.
“We are committed to supporting our SAP ERP customers wherever they are on their SAP journey by ensuring the data they use is consistent and reliable across all departments within their organisation,” says Tim Fujita-Yuhas, Vice President – Product Management for SAP Automate Solutions, Precisely. “By offering multiple automation clients, we continue to address the needs of a dynamic marketplace, especially companies migrating to S/4HANA.  Precisely simplifies the automation process for the applications customers use, while maintaining or improving their data integrity for greater operational speed and agility.”

With the addition of these new modules, developers can create automation scripts to drive speed and efficiency for nearly any SAP task in a single application based on the use case, SAP system type, SAP User Interface (UI), and user needs.  The no-code approach of Automate Studio also continues in the new data automation modules, allowing authorized and trained citizen developers to create and manage automation scripts anywhere in an organization with low total cost of ownership.  

Built on over 20 years of SAP automation expertise, Automate Studio is the premier Excel-to-SAP desktop solution, enabling business users to automate complex SAP business processes and make mass data changes quickly and easily.

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