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Aqua acquires tfsec

The pure-play cloud native security leader, Aqua Security ( acquisition of tfsec, an open source security scanner for Infrastructure as Code (IaC), will see IaC security scanning capabilities integrated into Aqua Trivy (the industry standard for open source vulnerability scanning).

“Tfsec is the known leader in Terraform code scanning, and we’re thrilled to bring its capabilities and intelligence under Aqua’s open source and commercial umbrella,” says Amir Jerbi, CTO and co-founder of Aqua Security.  “Aqua is committed to investing in open source cloud security tools and to providing users a frictionless way to assimilate essential security capabilities into their cloud native applications where they need them most.”

IaC security scanning is a critical step in helping users secure the configurations of the environments in which they deploy their applications.  The integration of Aqua Trivy and tfsec helps teams to shift left, combining the ease of use and scanning speed of Trivy with the enhanced IaC coverage with tfsec, without additional management overhead and as part of a unified workflow.  

With its run anywhere design, tfsec provides a download and run scanning solution that is fast, accurate, and flexible.  The unique approach tfsec takes to loading your code ensures that your IaC is interpreted exactly as Terraform does; meaning that regardless of complexity, you get the best possible view of any vulnerabilities before you deploy.  

“We saw a need in the market for a more intelligent form of Terraform scanning,” explains Liam Galvin, tfsec co-founder.  “Building tfsec from community input, we were able to deliver on developers’ needs for a quicker, more efficient way to run security checks.”

“Aqua Trivy has become the industry standard for open source vulnerability scanning thanks to its simple user experience and rich functionality.  Now Trivy brings the same superior experience into Infrastructure as Code scanning to provide even more value to container and code scanning,” adds Itay Shakury, Director of Open Source at Aqua Security.  “By integrating tfsec and Trivy, our users can scan code repositories and container images for vulnerabilities and IaC configuration issues – all using a single tool, that can integrate into their CI tool or even be used as a Github action.”

While tfsec will remain a standalone project, in addition to its integration into Trivy, it will also be added to Aqua Security’s suite of open source cloud security tools, including Tracee, Starboard, Kube-bench and Kube-hunter.  With this portfolio, users can also perform penetration tests of Kubernetes clusters, integrate disparate Kubernetes security tools into an aggregate security dataset that is available natively in Kubernetes, view runtime and forensics data for Linux, etc.

Tfsec co-founders Liam Galvin and Owen Rumney will join the Aqua team as Cloud Engineers bringing deep experience in both software and open source. 
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