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ABF gigafactory selects Honeywell

The American Battery Factory (ABF) is selecting Honeywell’s ( Manufacturing Excellence Platform (MXP), Experion® Batch, Li-ion Tamer®, and Integrated Remote Operations (IOC/ROC) solutions in its new gigafactory located in Tucson, Ariz as part ABF’s optimization of its manufacturing process and workflow.
Honeywell’s innovative solutions will allow ABF to visualize and control their battery production process in real-time – from mixing, coating and assembly to storage and distribution.  Honeywell’s technologies will also streamline and improve the collection of operations data while gathering insights about upcoming tasks or potential delays for operators.  The results: improved yields, reduced waste and the achievement of more energy-efficient and cost-effective battery production.
“We will be able to quickly and effectively establish a sustainable foundation for our network of gigafactories by utilizing Honeywell’s exceptional tools and technology,” says John Kem, President, American Battery Factory.  “This partnership marks a substantial advancement in our objective to supply the nation with U.S. manufactured lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are essential for meeting federal and state government climate change initiatives as well as national security requirements for products manufactured in the U.S.”
“Honeywell is playing a key role in American Battery Factory’s growth with our innovative solutions,” adds Chad Briggs, Vice President and General Manager of Projects and Automation Solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions.  “Our approach to automation and process controls will change how gigafactories operate in the future by helping to increase battery production and reduce energy consumption.”

At approximately 2 million square feet, the facility will be the largest gigafactory to produce LFP battery cells in the United States upon completion.  Energy storage systems made from ABF’s battery cell production will be available to households, businesses, and utilities, allowing them to optimize their use of energy from the grid or from their own systems.

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