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2020 threat landscape

As we start 2020, what can the cybersecurity industry expect as attacks become even more sophisticated and complex?

According to VMware Carbon Black’s ( Head Cybersecurity Strategist, Tom Kellermann we can expect:

1. Geopolitical tension and domestic terrorism will continue to manifest in cyberspace, ushering in an era of destructive attacks that may be used to influence the 2020 U.S. elections.

2. Cloud jacking and subsequent island hopping will become a more common practice and attackers look to leverage an organisation’s infrastructure and brand against itself.

3. We'll see an increase in mobile root kits, allowing hackers to gain full control over a victim’s device.

4. Access mining as a service will grow as criminals see the utility in purchasing access to compromised environments.

5. Virtual home invasions of well-known public figures (celebrities, CEOs, politicians) will occur.

6. Bluetooth low energy attacks (BLE) will become more commonplace as hackers look to take advantage of that fact that many IoT devices are dependent on this transmission layer.

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