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In Conversation with Sean Muirhead
As Logpoint announces the appointment of seasoned cybersecurity professional Sean Muirhead as its new Chief Product Officer, we ask Sean what attracted him to the role at Logpoint.
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Solving the IT gap in Fortune 500 
It’s well-documented that the global IT skills gap not only exists, but it is also widening at pace.
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Detroit Pistons transforms its data infrastructure 
Using Infinidat, basketball team, Detroit Pistons has consolidated their arrays to significantly reduce costs and improve system performance. 
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Storage as a service case study 
Infinidat helps a German administration organization switch to storage as a service in order to reduce capex costs.
Photo - INFINIDAT - Stadt Pforzheim.jpg
Tech trends for 2024
Companies who leverage these trends they have the potential to unlock new value in creating an innovative enterprise.
Photo - INFINIDAT - 2024 Tech Trends.jpg
2024 Enterprise storage trends
Challenges on system performance, storage management, complexity and scalability continues to weigh heavily on many businesses.
Photo - INFINIDAT - 2024 Enterprise storage trends.jpg
Top cyber trends for 2024
Many organizations are looking back on 2023 to try and gain some insight into what the next 12 months could hold.
Photo - 1111 SYSTEMS - 2024 cyber trends.jpg
CFOs want more AI 
AI-powered technology to make more informed and intelligent sourcing decisions. 
Photo - GLOBALITY - CFOs want more AI.jpg
2024 Channel trends
Linking channel investment to individually prioritized business objectives ensures that channel growth aligns with the overall commercial strategy.
Photo - INFINIDAT - 2024 Channel Trends (1).jpg
DBA - The key to improving security and CX without compromise
Today’s consumers demand Amazon-like digital banking experiences.
Photo - WSO2 - DBA (1).jpg
The CISOs next priority isn't technology
Qualitative research highlights the importance of training and development in both attracting and retaining employees.
Photo - THREATQUOTIENT - CISOs next EX.jpg
What is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework?
NIST is the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the U.S. Department of Commerce.
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Photo - INFINIDAT - Being a force for good (1).jpg
Infinidat and Kyndryl deliver
How one Fortune Global 500 enterprise needed to improve and accelerate its capabilities to backup critical data.
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Seamless data management
What truly sets a company apart is not just the technology it offers, but the way it serves its customers.
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