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Data storage consolidation
Bringing together a range of silo systems into a frictionless ecosystem is
often surrounded in complexity, whilst spiralling costs as vendors try to collaborate is frustrating.
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With great power comes great responsibility (and cooling)
Data centres account for 1% of the world's total electricity usage each year, and by 2030 this is set to rise to around 3-13%.
On campus, colocation, or the cloud?
Higher education and research organizations faced with challenges for urgent digitization of their applications and data platforms, are now moving their IT infrastructure off-campus.
How to launch a thriving B2B marketplace
As a marketplace entrepreneur, you want to build your marketplace with the best possible chance of success by putting a robust strategy in place.
The pervasiveness of data
In this last year, we have seen an exponential growth in not just the amount of digital data, but also its vulnerability. 
US data privacy at a glance
Data privacy protection is both a fundamental right and an economic need, as data breaches grow in impact and frequency. 
A pandemic of cyber attacks
With 2020 dominated by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was also a sharp rise in cybercriminal activity. 
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