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Shrinking the cyberattack threat window​​

why are hackers still managing to profit from data disasters?

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In conversation with Luke Dash​​

ISMS. Online


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IT for CEOs & CFOs brings the most authoritative information to CEOs, CFO, and CIOs involved in IT and Software.


Articles are written by experts whose authority comes from careful analysis, study, and experience, and are relevant to different industries, sectors and geographical locations.


Covering all areas of IT and Software, IT Security, Compliance, Data Centres, Cloud Computing, Cabling, Hardware, Green IT, Electronics, Mobile, AI and New Technologies, the ideas presented in these articles have been tested in the real world of business and can be translated into action.

Enterprise storage (part 2)​​

In Part Two, the author delves into three more key topics which are being talked about across the industry – AI operations


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Uncertain times call for top quality leadership ​

There are innumerable theories about what good business leadership looks like.

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Enterprise storage (part 1)
​It fast becomes apparent that all enterprise storage is not all created equally.
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In conversation with Steve Paul
Deputy Chief Financial Officer at Equals Money.
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Delivering superior customer excellence
IT buyers want "easier, faster, better.
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Cybercrime and the art of possible
Malicious actors with highly sophisticated hacking tools take data hostage and demand enormous ransoms.
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Green IT and ESG

Research has found that 93% of IT decision makers expect their suppliers’ ESG programs to have a major impact on their organization’s purchases.

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Cybersecurity reporting and regulations in the EU and USA

Government bodies are now placing tighter compliance and cybersecurity requirements on business.

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The core of an enterprise cybersecurity strategy

Cyber security experts have estimated that global cybercrime costs will exceed 7.5 trillion Euros this year .

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