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Free migrations break the stalemate 
Data migrations are a lot like a toothache. You can delay going to the dentist for a while, but eventually, you are going. The desire to postpone data migrations is understandable.
Data Centres and green foundations
The data centre industry continues to
grow rapidly as more of our lives become digitally led.
E-KYC in the era of digital crime
Even before COVID-19, the risks of online fraud were being highlighted by industry professionals.
CEOs shifing to business-driven WAN
As applications migrate to the cloud businesses both large and small are faced with opportunities and challenges.
Steps for responsible AI
A new report published by FICO and Corinium has found the demand for AI, data, and digital tools has soared in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Tech is helping us work from home
The rise of the coronavirus (COVID-19), is continuing to cause headaches for businesses and brands all over the world. 
Implementing a seamless customer experience
As the rise in remote working continues and technology hands customers unprecedented power to dictate the rules in purchasing goods and services.
Getting the most from HPC
High Performance Computing requires next generation cooling deployment and increased power per rack. 
Redesigning jobs in the IT sector

According to new research, one-in-three (29%) of employers are currently redesigning roles in direct response to the impact of the pandemic.

Staffing solutions in the IT sector

Over 70% of UK workers are currently reassessing their career options despite COVID-related job insecurity.

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