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Rethinking digital processes
Addressing business process management issues has never been more critical.
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Deep learning myths, lies and videotape (2: Balderdash!)
While there are no enterprise storage systems other than InfiniBox that claim to use DL (and none do), there are many that claim to use AI/ML.
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Deep learning myths, lies and
videotape (1: Verities!)

When it comes to marketing storage products, IT vendors often misuse the terms Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL).
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Managing emotions with AI
Spotify Web Player has recently patented a voice recognition technology that is capable of tailoring bespoke music recommendations to our emotions and environment.  
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GBS case study
Gerichte Basel-Stadt delivers critical performance benefits and reduces costs with Infinidat’s flexible enterprise storage model.
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OFFSITE reduces costs
OFFSITE reduces costs of delivering enterprise IT services to its clients with Infinidat's elastic pricing and flexible storage model.
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VDC overcomes growth challenges
Fast-growing managed hosting provider VDC drives business, cost savings and storage consolidation using Infinidat.
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Why is Apple associated with high business productivity?
Staff productivity is one of the biggest impacts on business revenue. It is widely recognized that productive employees perform tasks more quickly and to a higher degree of quality. 
Photo - HardSoft - High Business Product