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Data centre management skills

As data becomes the most valuable

asset to businesses and digital transformation thunders on, the

role of the CIO has become increasingly business critical.

Why your SD-WAN deployment is

There is an uncomfortable networking truth that is widely known but seldom acknowledged: implementing software-defined (SD-WAN) is difficult.

Monitizing APIs

Application program interfaces or API’s

are becoming increasingly popular.

Moving applications to the cloud

Often the first step for organizations on the path to cloud adoption is Disaster

2020-The year we put more trust in AI

Business and governments are turning

to artificial intelligence (AI) for a variety

of reasons. 

Desktop as a service vs DaaS

Whilst Desktop as a Service is a cloud computing solution hosted by a third party provider, Device as a Service is has fast become the new model for procuring and managing in business.

Device as a service

Device as a Service is fast becoming the new model for procuring and managing

IT in businesses.

Buiding your business through BI 

In a rapidly evolving retail landscape, businesses are generating data at an alarming pace but it often exists in silos across the business.

Uncovering links to fraud

Money laundering is on the rise. The

faster you can pinpoint questionable behaviours, the faster you can tackle

the issue. 

IOT and 5G

The Internet of Things is growing exponentially with some forecasts estimating total number of IoT device

by 2025 to be north of 25 billion devices.

GTP and roaming

Mobile traffic using GPRS Tunnelling Protocol has exploded over the last

couple of years.

Securing the cloud

Securing the cloud can feel a bit like

eating an elephant – and how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

Managing HR data

One of the most pressing problems

facing HR today is dirty data, says HR

and payroll software specialists, XCD

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