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Precisely now AWS Redshift ready

Businesses can now seamlessly replicate data from on-premises systems to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in near real-time while ensuring that data is accurate, consistent, and contextualized for powerful analytics and innovative new use cases, after global data integrity leader, Precisely ( announces that its Data Integrity Suite achieves Amazon Redshift Service Ready designation.

Precisely Data Integrity Suite ( is a set of seven interoperable services which enable businesses to build trust in their data, including data integration, data quality, data governance, data observability, geo addressing, spatial analytics, and data enrichment.  

The services share a common data catalogue and user experience that makes it easy for both business and technical users to collaborate on ensuring their data has maximum accuracy, consistency, and context.  This allows customers to harness trusted data to fuel the fast, confident decisions needed to help organizations add, grow, and retain customers, move quickly, reduce costs, and manage risk and compliance.

“As companies increasingly look to move to hybrid and cloud-first environments, it’s essential that issues with data trust are addressed before they impact downstream business systems and analytics,” says Eric Yau, Chief Operating Officer, Precisely.  “This latest announcement underscores the long-standing relationship between Precisely and AWS, and we’re thrilled to expand our relationship with AWS and enable customers to take crucial steps on their journey to data integrity – without requiring them to move data from AWS into other environments.”

Recently, Precisely and AWS announced an expansion to the AWS Mainframe Modernization service with near real-time replication of mainframe data, meaning customers will now also have a capability to replicate IBM i series data (

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