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New launches for Infinidat

Enterprise storage solutions leader Infinidat ( announces two new major enhancements to enrich and expand the company’s all-flash capabilities and capacity for enterprise storage.  

The first is Infinidat’s SSA Express Software for the InfiniBox® platform that provides a fast, all-flash engine integrated into the hybrid array and eliminates the need for enterprises to purchase a separate siloed flash array to support smaller applications and workloads that require high performance at low latency.   The new software enables administrators to select specific datasets, applications, and workloads to reside in the SSD layer of the InfiniBox hybrid with near 100% read cache hit rate.  They get the higher performance they need when they need it.  While, enabling consolidation of additional workloads and providing full-flash performance on the hybrid array with SSA Express Software reduces costs, simplifies storage management, lowers IT operational requirements, and delivers ease of management – all without needing to buy a small, all-flash array to augment the hybrid system.

Secondly, Infinidat is expanding its InfiniBox™ SSA II solution with a new model that doubles the usable capacity (TBu) to extend the top end of this all-flash array, up to 6.635PB of effective capacity in a single 42u rack.  With this expansion of the SSA II solution portfolio, Infinidat now also provides a scale-up architecture with 60%, 80% and 100% populated models.  Instead of the rack being completely full of SSD (solid-state drive) modules from the start, the new InfiniBox SSA II can be populated according to the requirements of the customer, who can then grow with the SSA II over time, reducing the entry price point for the award-winning InfiniBox SSA II without sacrificing performance.  

The doubling of the SSA II's capacity also gives enterprises the ability to advance a greener data centre with reduced enterprise power and cooling needs, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) beyond what is currently possible with existing systems.  Reducing power usage per effective PB by enlarging the capacity within the same sized rack meets sustainability requirements and fulfills the promise of green IT, while increased sustainability translates into improving the return on investment (ROI).

“SSA Express Software reimagines the InfiniBox hybrid platform, ensuring that critical applications and workloads have rapid, low-latency response rates through direct access to the flash layer, while, simultaneously, reducing costs and simplifying storage management,” explains Eric Herzog, Chief Marketing Officer, Infinidat.  “With our new SSA Express Software, enterprise customers can consolidate an increased number of workloads to the InfiniBox hybrid’s flash layer than ever before, taking advantage of an even greater level of application workload alignment within our unique software-defined storage architecture.  In addition, we are excited to introduce a new version of the industry acclaimed InfiniBox SSA II all-flash solution with double the usable capacity, ideal for enterprises with extensive high-performance application demands.”

“Infinidat’s strategy to integrate a new level of all-flash capabilities into their InfiniBox hybrid platform gives users the ability to add datasets to InfiniBox’s dedicated SSD layer for higher performance.  It’s a brilliant move that opens up the InfiniBox hybrid to a wider range of enterprise applications and workloads,” adds Scott Sinclair, Practice Director, Cloud, Infrastructure and DevOps, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).  “SSA Express expands the value InfiniBox delivers.  Infinidat is also delivering increased value by expanding its InfiniBox SSA II all-flash portfolio with not only significantly more usable capacity but also a flexible, scale-up architecture that allows enterprises to grow their storage infrastructure at a pace that works best for them at a lower cost entry point.”

“Enterprise customers wanted to get more from their InfiniBox hybrid platform.  Infinidat knows this from their tight relationship with their partner community.  They listened and have delivered this exciting new innovation.  The SSA Express Software makes it easier for channel partners, like us, to sell the InfiniBox in the enterprise market,” says Ted Carlson, President, and founder, Marcum Technology.  “It’s a very strong selling point that enterprises can confidently consolidate more workloads on InfiniBox, reducing CAPEX, OPEX, complexities, and IT operational requirements.  In addition, having access to the larger capacity version and partially populated versions of the InfiniBox SSA II adds powerful tools in our toolbox as an IT solutions provider to customize storage to the needs of each enterprise.  In addition, their cyber resiliency story makes sense, especially with the latest ransomware threats.”

The new, larger InfiniBox SSA II all-flash array is available now, and SSA Express Software will be available in Q4 2023.

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