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New global survey from Yubico

Nearly 60% of employees rely on username and password as the primary method to authenticate their accounts according to Yubico’s ( State of Global Enterprise Authentication Survey 2022.

Sharing the results of the survey at its inaugural YubiSummit event in San Francisco, Yubico’s research reveals that over 22% of respondents still think username and password is the most secure method of authentication despite the fact that 54% admit to writing down or sharing their passwords.   Over 60% of employees say they think their organization needs to upgrade to modern phishing-resistant MFA, while 79% of VP-level staff want their organization to upgrade to modern phishing-resistant MFA (like hardware security keys).  Respondents felt that this is particularly necessary as the survey reveals that more than 54% of employees are not required to go through cybersecurity training on a frequent basis.

Launched in recognition of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and in light of recent phishing-based cyberattacks, the Yubico’s State of Global Enterprise Authentication Survey 2022 also reveals that within the last two years, nearly 40% of respondents admits to having broken their mobile phone and nearly 30% have lost it – a particularly worrying fact given that the device is commonly use to authenticate.

“Cybersecurity Awareness Month brings global awareness for security hygiene and is a good time for people and organizations to take action now to shore up their cybersecurity practices,” says Stina Ehrensvärd, CEO and co-founder, Yubico.  “The results from our global survey highlight the biggest concerns, challenges, and real-world scenarios that organizations are facing globally when it comes to their cybersecurity efforts – including the continued reliance on legacy MFA solutions like one-time passwords.  It’s a stark reminder of how far the enterprise still has to go to adopting and standardizing phishing-resistant MFA tools.”

The State of Global Enterprise Authentication Survey 2022 polled 16,000+ employees across a variety of enterprises in eight countries and was conducted for Yubico by Censuswide.  The full survey can be found at
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