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Neustar launches Dubai data centre

To support data sovereignty and low latency application security for enterprise clients throughout the Middle East, Neustar Security Services ( is launching a new regional DDoS mitigation and application security data centre in Dubai this October.  

“As a thriving financial and commercial hub, Dubai is home to many new and expanded businesses which have contributed to heightened demand for local security that can ensure data remains safely within the region,” explains Carlos Morales, senior vice president, solutions, Neustar Security Services.  “By deploying this new state-of-the-art data centre, Neustar Security Services will provide low latency access to cutting-edge solutions and features that address a host of risks in today’s complex and ever-evolving threat environment.”

The new Dubai node also underscores the company’s commitment to continuously invest in its Ultra Secure infrastructure, and reinforces Neustar Security Services’ DDoS scrubbing capacity, currently at 12+ Tbps worldwide.  The new data centre will provide clients throughout the Middle East local end-to-end protection against the most common attacks that threaten web-based services and infrastructure including OWASP top ten threats, volumetric DDoS, and application-level DDoS attacks.

“Our new Dubai node is just the latest in a series of significant investments in scaling our global cloud capacity and capability.  We look forward to continuing to demonstrate our commitment to customers and partners around the world in delivering the industry’s premier cloud security service,” adds Colin Doherty, CEO, Neustar Security Services.

“This latest expansion for Neustar Security Services is part and parcel of its ongoing commitment to investing in its Ultra Secure suite of products.  For more than five years, we have channelled resources into re-architecting our platforms and significantly expanding our network capacity as well as our performance for domain name system (DNS) and DDoS services.  Also, we have introduced new solutions and features across its Ultra Secure suite of services, including integrating offerings for cloud WAF and bot management to address rising application security needs.”

Neustar Security Services supports a global base of over 5,000 enterprise customers.  Its network of scrubbing centres is strategically positioned throughout the world’s internet backbone to provide customers with unequalled protection in an ever-evolving threat landscape.
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