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Netscout adds ServiceNow

Cybersecurity, service assurance, and business analytics solutions provider, NETSCOUT SYSTEMS INC ( announces a new integration that connects NETSCOUT's nGeniusONE® service assurance solution with ServiceNow® IT Operations Management (ITOM) Visibility and ITOM Health.

The NETSCOUT integration module enables nGeniusONE to generate enhanced alerts to ServiceNow® ITOM with a contextual launch capability for service triage.  ServiceNow® ITOM users can launch queries into nGeniusONE from any other alert with that context . nGeniusONE dashboards and reports will support the visualisation of those alert conditions to and from ServiceNow® ITOM.

“We are extremely pleased to bring our Smart Data into the ServiceNow platform to give customers enhanced visibility and service triage capabilities,” says Paul Barrett, CTO, NETSCOUT.  “We believe that NETSCOUT's integration with ServiceNow increases the value and utility of the two solutions for our customers.”

Features of the NETSCOUT nGeniusONE and ServiceNow® ITOM integration include an early warning system  that allows nGeniusONE to generate ‘alarms,’ ‘events,’ and ‘incidents’ in ServiceNow with real-time, layer-7 visibility and actionable intelligence from NETSCOUT.  In addition, nGeniusONE sends alerts to ServiceNow® ITOM, which includes a contextual link, so users can easily investigate and quickly identify the root cause of any service degradations or fault, and users can seamlessly link back into nGeniusONE to investigate and troubleshoot other alerts.  nGeniusONE’s service triage approach leads to rapid service issue identification (often in minutes) along with the number of impacted customers.

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