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Masciulli leads Semperis AD launch

Cyber resilience pioneer, Semperis ( launches a security-centric Active Directory (AD) migration and consolidation solutions ( to accelerate AD modernization and reduce customers’ attack surfaces.  Driving forward the global rollout is Semperis’ newly appointed Michael Masciulli as Managing Director of Migration Products and Services.

“Legacy migration tools have failed to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses, which need innovative, efficient and secure solutions, and first-hand experience with migrating complicated AD environments is hard to find,” says Michael Masciulli, Managing Director of Migration Products and Services, Semperis.  “But with AD-based cyberattacks on the rise, AD modernization is a top priority for security leaders, but many organizations defer AD migration projects because they lack the tools and expertise to execute on time and on budget.  Reducing the attack surface is now the main driver for organizations to migrate to a pristine AD forest or consolidate domains and forests.  Filling a critical gap in the market is Semperis’ first-of-its-kind AD migration and consolidation solution that includes built-in security capabilities to avoid unnecessary security exposures during the process.”

“I’m thrilled to join the Semperis team and help bring the much-needed AD migration guidance to organizations,” says Masciulli.  Together with our partners, we can help enterprise organizations break through the inertia and get critical AD modernization projects done efficiently and methodically – while improving security.”

Some organizations are spurred to action by their security teams.  “One common finding in cyber audits is that many organizations have old, sprawling AD infrastructures with disparate domains and different standards.  Over the last 15-plus years, care and feeding for AD has not been a priority, despite these environments being extremely vulnerable to threat actors getting in and causing damage,” says Marty Momdjian, Healthcare Solutions Advisor, CDW, a Semperis partner.  

“CISOs are now using these audits as a catalyst for AD consolidation projects to reduce security risks, secure identities, and reduce unexpected downtime.  We’re excited about the opportunity to tap into Semperis’ AD expertise and purpose-built solutions to accelerate AD modernization and secure consolidation for our customers.”  

“Years of configuration drift, poor security practices, and multi-forest environments through mergers and acquisitions have introduced risky vulnerabilities into enterprise AD systems, creating a huge market demand for modernization.  However, most organizations delay these initiatives because of the time, effort, and security risks involved,” adds Darren Mar-Elia, Semperis Vice President of Products, Semperis.

“Semperis is making life easier by offering a comprehensive AD migration and consolidation solution backed by industry-leading identity security tools and expert support to ensure your project stays on track while prioritizing AD security posture throughout the process.  With his extensive experience managing large and complex AD migrations, I’m thrilled Michael Masciulli is leading the charge.”
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