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Infosec keynote speakers
Cross-bench Peer Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller and Misha Glenny, author and journalist, join Robert Hannigan, former Director General of GCHQ as opening Keynote speakers for this year’s Infosecurity Europe ( running from 13-15 July at Olympia London.

Registration for the event is now open at

Keynote Speaker Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller headed Britain’s Security Service (MI5) from 2002 to 2007, and now serves on the Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology.  Eliza has spent her career leading organisations through remarkable and pressurised times.  At MI5, she led the Service through significant change, expansion and scrutiny as it dealt with the growth of Al-Qaida terrorism after 9/11, and in response to the 7/7 attacks in London.  Prior to serving as Director General her various roles took her to Washington during the first Gulf war, as well as seeing her responsible, at separate times, for work on Irish terrorism, surveillance, technical collection, finance and IT, before she became Deputy Director General in charge of intelligence operations.
Eliza will reflect on 20 years as a leader in managing the unpredictable and trying to keep millions safe – outlining how priorities must change to keep pace with shifting demands from all stakeholders and the constant emergence of new, often unimagined challenges.
The second Keynote Speaker will be Misha Glenny – author, journalist and specialist in organized crime and cybersecurity.  He has served as Central Europe correspondent for the Guardian and the BBC.  
Glenny has acted as consultant to several European governments and the EU on the Balkans, and has advised the US departments of State and of Justice on US-European relationships and on organized crime.  He wrote the acclaimed book ‘McMafia’, which was adapted into a hit BBC drama, and ‘DarkMarket: How Hackers Became the New Mafia’ looking at the new global criminality and the world of cyberattacks.  
The third confirmed Keynote Speaker is Robert Hannigan, former Director General of GCHQ.  Hannigan is a leading authority on cybersecurity, cyber conflict and the application of technology in national security.  He currently serves as the Chairman of BlueVoyant international.  As director of GCHQ he led the creation of the UK’s National Cybersecurity Centre and oversaw the UK’s pioneering Active Cyber Defence programme. Hannigan also served as the Prime Minister’s Security Adviser and was principal Adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair on the Northern Ireland Peace Process.  
In his presentation ‘Discussing the Rising Nation-State Cyber Activity and its Impacts’, Robert Hannigan will examine the reality of nation-state sponsored cybercrime, and how security professionals can mitigate that risk and develop a resilient information infrastructure for their organization.  
“Our Keynote Stage is back – and we’re thrilled to be able to unveil three fantastic speakers who will share insights drawn from long, distinguished careers spent leading organizations and helping to protect nations,” says Nicole Mills, Exhibition Director, Infosecurity Group.  “This year, as our visitors have come to expect from our Keynote Stage, we’ll be offering three days of inspiring and thought-leading presentations that delve into the industry’s biggest issues and newest threats.  It’s a unique opportunity to hear from experts working at the sharp-end of information security who are tackling major challenges every day.”
This year’s Infosecurity Europe 2021 event will combine both physical and virtual elements, to enable participants who cannot attend the live event to get involved, with selected talks and discussions to be recorded and made available online.

The full Conference agenda can be found at
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