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Infoboss partners with 3C


IT specialists, Infoboss ( has become a become a strategic partner to 3C Consultants ( to help deliver high-quality data management solutions to the company’s social housing sector clients.

“Accessing and managing reliable data is becoming increasingly critical to the success of any organization, regardless of the sector in which they operate,” says Mark Hobart, Managing Director of Infoboss.

“High-quality, well-managed, easily accessible trusted data provides the vital intelligence organizations of all sizes need, to not only work more efficiently, but to make the right strategic decisions, informed with all the relevant information.”

“It is gratifying to agree this partnership with 3C Consultants, who recognized how improving the quality and management of data, not only improves decisions, but offers their clients more accurate performance reporting and assurance across all areas of compliance,” continues Hobart.

“We understand data quality improvement is not a point in time event and involves all data stakeholders.  Infoboss helps clients achieve success with a simple, search-based interface that empowers data owners and automates the task of validating the integrity of data across one or multiple systems.  The team here at Infoboss is excited to be given the opportunity to work with agile, efficient clients in the social housing sector and demonstrate how they can better use their data to make a difference to their organisations and the people they serve.”

“3C's dealings with Infoboss have been excellent,” adds Colin Sales, Managing Director of 3C Consultants.  “The Infoboss team have been responsive, supportive and collaborative in their approach.  There is a spirit of true partnership and I am extremely optimistic as to what we will achieve together.”

“With lockdown demonstrating that change in operating models is possible, quicker more agile organizations are asking themselves, what next?” says Gary Clark, head of 3C Consultant’s Data Services division.   “Getting their data in great shape is a natural first step before new systems or transformation takes place and with Infoboss and 3C working in partnership, ambitious plans can become a practical reality.”

Infoboss is a UK-based, software and services company with an enterprise strength automated data management and processing platform.  Built on Elastic Stack search-engine technology, Infoboss is fast, scalable, intuitive, easy-to-use and provides a broad range of innovative data solutions to solve an ever-growing number of business data challenges.
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