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Infinidat sets record for Q1 2023

Enterprise storage solutions leader, Infinidat ( announces record revenue in Q1 2023 with a 59% year-over-growth in bookings.  

“Compelling financial advantages and unmatched technical value of our storage solutions are resonating powerfully in today’s enterprise IT environments contending with budget constraints, demanding SLAs, cyber resilience concerns, and operational complexities and uncertainties,” says Phil Bullinger, CEO, Infinidat.

Given the current turbulence of the world economy and with enterprise IT spending under more scrutiny to deliver greater business value, Infinidat’s solutions, as documented in an IDC Business Value White Paper, reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs to provide an 11-month payback, an average savings per PB of $167,000, and 51% more efficient storage management.

“Infinidat is able to provide economic value, while still ensuring high performance, 100% availability, scalability, and cyber resilience – all with guaranteed SLAs.  Our technology allows enterprises to modernize their storage infrastructure and consolidate workloads, so IT decision-makers can obtain rapid payback and a compelling ROI with the adoption and expanded use of Infinidat’s enterprise storage solutions,” comments Bullinger.  

A summary of the IDC Business Value white paper can be found at
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