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Infinidat evolving for the future

Five-time Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ leader and winner of 22 storage industry awards in 2022, Infinidat is known as “The Standard in Enterprise Storage” for delivering an outstanding portfolio of best-in-class storage solutions for enterprises and service providers seeking the best in primary storage, modern data protection, DR/BC, and cyber storage resilience.  But with the enterprise storage needs of Infinidat’s customers continuing to expand, we ask Christie Flanagan, Senior Director of Marketing Communications, Infinidat ( how is Infinidat evolving for the future?

“Since 2021, Infinidat has expanded its industry acclaimed enterprise solutions portfolio and won numerous awards.  We have been on a transformative journey that delivers powerful technical and business benefits for our customers.  Our transformation has brought many more enterprises and service providers to the point of asking, “What makes Infinidat stand out?”  Answering this question is significant because it speaks to what makes Infinidat unique as a storage brand with which enterprise customers and partners can connect.  They want to know what Infinidat represents.”

“To answer this question, we have rolled out fresh, bold branding to reflect the infusion of energy, creative thinking, and boundary-pushing value for our customers.  At the same time, we’ve also branded InfuzeOS™, the unique operating system that delivers the extensive technical innovations that underpin Infinidat’s solutions and create an enterprise storage platform with unmatched capabilities and value.  We are proud to take our brand in a striking new direction to underscore the new, powerful reality of our company.”

“As a brand, Infinidat has become the storage solutions standard in the enterprise, delivering industry-leading innovative storage solutions to meet today’s most demanding enterprise workloads.  We provide the best customer experience in the industry.  Today, as several storage industry analysts have noted, Infinidat sets the standard for enterprise storage, going above and beyond.  As such, the time is right to set a new standard for our branding as well − one that is more differentiated, modern, memorable, and impactful.”

“Our new look-and-feel conveys the sense of vibrancy that is infused across everything to do with Infinidat.  With the new branding, we now visually represent what we have become, expanding and extending Infinidat’s eye-catching presence in the marketplace.”

“Whenever people see the ultraviolet colour, they will ‘Think Infinidat for cyber resilient storage – To Infinidat and beyond’.  The strength of the Infinidat brand is more powerful than ever.  When our channel partners bring Infinidat into a new implementation, they will bring “The Standard in Enterprise Storage” and leader with refreshed branding that injects new energy.

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