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iland and multi-location backups

To improve how managed service providers (MSPs) and multi-location enterprises manage their entire global portfolio of Veeam cloud-based backup solutions from a single, unified console, iland ( has launched upgrades to its Secure Cloud Console solution.

Build on proven VMware technology, the iland Secure Cloud Console (, new features include a single pane of glass to view and support global cloud backup environments, including greater granularity to leverage real-time data and statistics over multiple accounts, and improve control over multiple tenants from a single space without extra work or permissions.  

“We continue to listen to our customers and partners who want a smart and simple way to move and manage their data in the cloud,” says Dante Orsini, iland senior vice president of business development.  “None of that is possible without visibility and control over as many resources as possible, which is why we’re enhancing the Secure Cloud Console with Veeam Cloud Connect (  With these latest updates, we’re making it easy for channel and enterprise IT customers to extend backup services around the world with a simple, easy-to-use common interface.”  

The additional self-service capabilities of iland Secure Cloud Console also help simplify storage management, reallocate resources and add new tenants, global enterprises and MSPs can also provide Backup as a Service (BaaS) internally and manage multiple repositories and locations from a single user interface.  

For example, administrators leveraging iland’s BaaS Insider Protection ( feature, an air-gapped repository that protects data against internal and external threats including ransomware, can now display the status of their multi-tenant environments in a single view.  Administrators can also change Veeam Cloud Connect tenant names and update tenant passwords easily and from any location.  

“iland's Secure Cloud Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect provides our customers with a great experience.  Its inexpensive enterprise cloud backup can be delivered quickly and without complexity,” says Chris McDuffie, vice president of cloud architecture of Structured in Clackamas, Ore.  “What I really appreciate about iland is its continued focus on innovation and improving the customer experience.  The latest console update provides MSPs with a consolidated view into the platform, allowing engineers to stay focused on their workflow instead of switching between views.  That drives significant value for both Structured and our customers.”

“Our ability to service our customers is based largely on understanding and accurately managing their cloud resources for lower costs and greater performance,” adds Aaron Jeffery, national manager of managed services of Data#3 in Brisbane, Australia.  “Adding Veeam backup to the iland Secure Cloud Console with iland’s disaster recovery services gives the context of how those elements fit together within their broader cloud environments for unmatched visibility and control.”

iland has a long history of innovation with Veeam in delivering seamless access and insights to customers to employ Veeam Cloud Connect in a way that best meets the needs of their business.  The partnership has also led to multiple Impact Cloud & Service Provider Partner of the Year and Innovation Partner of the Year awards. 

The latest updates to iland Secure Cloud Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect are available through all ten of iland’s global cloud regions and includes an ongoing free 30-day trial (with 5TBs of data .

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