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HelixGBT gets AI boost

Global leader in software for the autonomous digital enterprise, BMC (www.bmc.comunveils generative AI enhancements to the BMC Helix Service and Operations Management platform providing an intelligent assistant for service desk personnel and IT operators enabling them to solve complex system issues with greater speed and efficiency.

“Organizations can use AI to analyze operational data from infrastructure, applications, and end-users to establish an unadulterated view of reality generated from human-based activities, such as tickets, incidents, and changes.  Responses to queries to an AI system inform users about how individuals have been responding to native issues within their environment and business.  This holistic approach provides a comprehensive understanding of the environment and its challenges for the business,” explains Margaret Lee, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Service and Operations Management, BMC.

The BMC HelixGPT solution uses integrated large language models (LLMs) to harmonize traditionally siloed data sources, deriving actionable insights for anomalies and autonomous resolution of mundane issues.  In addition, by using Service Model Blueprints to map common business services, the BMC Helix Operations Management solution accelerates analysis and MTTR (mean time to resolve) through historic analysis of a user’s specific environment.  Recurring situations are fingerprinted for easier future identification, reducing staff time and effort, whilst the use of AI/ML, gives the solution’s enhanced service insights which watch over applications to spot signs of trouble and take appropriate action.

“We’re excited about the benefits HelixGPT brings to our customers.  By integrating generative AI technology into our BMC Helix platform, we’re helping our customers achieve digital operational efficiency like never before – and we’re just getting started,” comments Lee.

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