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HALO Trust uses Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insight’s Business Planning Cloud solution ( is helping the HALO Trust ( deliver greater benefit to communities affected by war.

For more than 30 years, The HALO Trust has kept people safe and helped communities to rebuild by clearing landmines, destroying weapons, managing stockpiles, and educating communities how to stay safe until the dangerous debris of war can be removed for good.  By moving HALO’s planning and analysis process entirely to the cloud, the finance team provides the guidance necessary to support the rapid growth of the organisation, which has doubled in just the last three years.  Providing globally distributed team members with an easier, faster, and standardised approach ensures that the charity’s budgets and forecasts reflect current local conditions and currencies, all rolled up into a single platform.  


Previously the HALO Trust relied on the development of financial plans utilizing complex spreadsheets, which were difficult to integrate into the global planning process and inefficient when producing multiple scenarios for effective option appraisal.
“Being able to holistically manage real-time changes is critical to our success. With a single, powerful system in the cloud, we’ve eliminated the headache of working with siloed spreadsheets and have significantly reduced the time taken to produce high-quality financial models,” says Mick Darby, finance director at The HALO Trust.
The HALO Trust joins more than 750 non-profit customers that trust Adaptive Insights for business planning, benefiting a variety of communities and causes worldwide.

“We are proud to provide organizations like HALO with more time to focus on the important humanitarian work they do by simplifying and modernizing their business planning process,” said Robert Douglas, Europe planning director at Adaptive Insights.  “By streamlining budgeting and forecasting, we are helping to make every pound and every volunteer hour count, which in turn helps HALO maximize the impact on its mission to save and protect lives.”  


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