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Endpoint protection for remote workers

To reduce user anxiety for remote or office-based workers, SecureAge Technology ( has announced a key update to its flagship SecureAPlus Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP).


‘Recommended Actions’ has been added to its Application Whitelisting to provide additional real-time guidance on how to respond to prompted alerts when a non-trusted file is identified.  The new feature is particularly valuable for people working from home, outside the usual oversight of the enterprise because of COVID-19.

"SecureAPlus endpoint protection is designed to provide end users – wherever they are working – with 100% protection from ransomware, keyloggers and other malware by simply blocking all previously unknown processes,” says Dr Teow-Hin, SecureAge founder and CEO.  “With Recommended Actions we go further to reduce stress for both end users and IT admins by providing intelligence-led guidance based on our analysis of millions of viruses together with collective malware research.”
SecureAPlus combines three core features for complete endpoint protection.  An AI trained APEX engine analyses millions of live virus samples collected from customers and research, while a universal anti-virus platform (AV) harnesses multiple leading cloud-based AV engines to detect and block known threats.   Plus, advanced interactive Application Whitelisting blocks any threat not detected by the AV or AI engine.
While SecureAPlus already prompts users to ‘block the action’, ‘allow the action once’, or ‘allow the action always’, users may still have concerns about making the wrong choice.  So, the new Recommended Actions feature now provides guidance based on SecureAPlus threat intelligence data.  For example, the ‘Unblock & Trust’ recommendation is based on clean AV and the AI engine scans, with the option to ‘Get a Second Opinion’. If the file is considered dangerous or suspicious, a ‘Continue Blocking’ recommendation is displayed.
In addition to Recommended Actions, SecureAPlus Version 6.2.0 includes further updates for Enterprise.  A new Vulnerability Assessment feature checks programs against common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), while optimizations allow endpoints to securely boot up faster after a Windows Update and improve the treatment and behaviour of Trusted Installers and Trusted Applications.

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