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DDoS attack hits New Zealand Stock Exchange

WS02 Summit

Egress comments on data sharing

Rapid growth for BlueVoyant

Wordpress VIP expands partners

Repstor for Teams

DataRobot launches Pathfinder

Total economic impact study

Aqua boosts Red Hat market

New connector for Apricorn USB

Infoboss partners with 3C
Tenable reduces IT and OT risks

Validity launches Everest

Rahi Systems and Infinidat partner

Datarobot extends pro bono AI


ContextIS  accredited for BoE

ContextIS  at Black Hat
Rohan Durve, a senior consultant at Context Information Security presentation at Black Hat’s virtual event ( will present an open source solution for creating lab environments for practising penetration testing tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs). 
Wyld monitors social distancing

A new mobile mesh networking technology and content delivery platform has been developed by Wyld Networks for businesses looking for innovative ways to generate much needed new revenue streams, operate more efficiently, get back to work safely and monitor social distancing practices.

Tenable comments on OT attacks
OT is foundational to absolutely everything we do – from the energy we rely on, to the factories manufacturing medical devices, to the water we drink. 
Cryptocurrency Twitter accounts
Several notable Twitter accounts in the cryptocurrency space have seemingly been hacked in a mass coordinated attack.
GridBuddy cloud launch
A new solution to improve Salesforce productivity and operational efficiency has been launched by Validity.

BCG and Datarobot partner

To deliver end-to-end solutions for AI deployments, DataRobot acquires Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) SOURCE AI technology to kick off an industry first strategic partnership that combines proprietary IP with leading consulting services to provide both the human expertise and the technical know-how needed to deliver optimal, continuous value from AI.

Microsoft awards Threatscape
Cyber security specialist, Threatscape has been awarded the coveted Gold Security Partner designation by Microsoft in recognition of a partner who has demonstrated the skills and expertise to design, deploy and manage security solutions to protect enterprise-scale clients against sophisticated cyber threats.
Cisco partners with LogicMonitor
IT infrastructure and intelligence monitoring solutions provider, LogicMonitor announces that it has achieved Cisco Compatible status for its Cisco SD-WAN integration.
Economic decision making
Data specialists, Iotics has become one of the founding members of the Emergent Alliance, a not-for-profit community to better inform the future economic decision making of governments, corporations and organizations post-COVID-19.
IPC to launch voice app store
A leading global provider of secure, compliant communications and networking solutions for the global financial markets, IPC, will leverage the OpenFin operating system for the financial community to build a voice app store for IPC’s 110,000+ global user community.
Growth for Enterprise AI

Designed to drive greater business value from AI, DataRobot (, a leader in enterprise AI, announces enhancements to its enterprise AI platform including a Use Case Value Tracker, Location AI, Champion/Challenger Models and Humble AI for MLOps, and Anomaly Detection for Time Series.

Over half send emails to wrong person
In response to the latest Data Breach Incident Report from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the latest straw poll from Egress shows misdirected emails are a bigger security threat than phishing attacks and now account for 20% more reported incidents.
DDos protection with A10 networks
The current pandemic has only increased the threat as cyber attackers find new targets in healthcare, government, online gaming and remote working services. 
New funding for Infinidat
TPG and Goldman Sachs are leading a new funding round that will enable Infinidat  to accelerate customer-centric growth plans led by new management structure.
Watchguard reports malware surge

UK is the top target for malware according to the latest report from WatchGuard with 67% of all malware in Q1 2020 being delivered via encrypted HTTPS connections whilst a further 72% of encrypted malware was classified as zero day, so would have evaded signature-based antivirus protection.

Endpoint protection for remote workers
To reduce user anxiety for remote or office-based workers, SecureAge Technology has announced a key update to its flagship SecureAPlus Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP).
Databreach survey from Apricorn
Almost half of organizations have been reported to the ICO for a potential data breach, according to the latest data breach survey from Apricorn, the leading manufacturer of software-free, 256-bit AES XTS hardware-encrypted USB drives.
New RiskIQ research​
Misconfigured Amazon S3 Buckets are a launchpad for inserting malicious code into websites, according to the latest research by RiskIQ.
Diversity in cybersecurty

A report published by CREST highlights progress made in gender diversity across the cyber security industry, in the past few years and points to the next steps needed to further address the gender gap.

Remote workers risk data breach
More than half (57%) of UK IT decision makers still believe that remote workers will expose their organization to the risk of a data breach, according to an annual survey by Apricorn, a leading manufacturer of software-free, 256-bit AES XTS hardware-encrypted USB drives.
Clearvision partners with Mendix

ISO 27001-certified AWS and Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Clearvision is partnering with a leading Low-Code Application Development Platform, Mendix to offer business users and developers with varying levels of experience the capability to deliver business-critical applications.

New process for modern contracts
An independent study has revealed that three out of our business must adapt to keep up with the demand of modern contracts.
Poor email deliverability has a negative financial impact
Over 90% of marketers believe that poor email deliverability has a negative financial impact on their business, and almost one in ten (8%) believing this to be severe, according to a report by the Data & Marketing Association (DMA)  and Validity.
Microsoft and Workday partner
Microsoft and Workday Inc have announced a strategic partnership prioritizing enterprise planning in the cloud and expanding the business solutions customers can use to better optimize their everyday work. 
Infinidat de-risks storage

To give customers increased reliability, agility and flexibility in managing their high-end storage infrastructure, Infinidat, the leading provider of multi-petabyte data storage solutions announces new offerings which reduce storage infrastructure costs, mitigate the risks of  technology failures and deficits, and adds an extensible NVMe over Fabrics option.

Netwrix simplifies DSARs
Organizations concerned about responding to data subject access requests (DSARs) from individuals within the required timeframe can now use the latest version of Netwrix Data Classification from Netwrix.
Silver Peak comments on IOT connections
According to a report by Juniper Research, the number of IoT connections will soar to 83 billion by 2024, but this raises questions as to how network infrastructure will cope and how a huge number of devices will be kept secure. 
Organization update for Infinidat
Changes at Infidat allow Moshe Yanai, Founder and CEO of Infinidat to spend 100% of his time on developing the strategic vision for the company as he steps into the role of Chief Technology Evangelist.
FIDO comments on passwords
The persistent problem with passwords continues.  They are expensive to reset and our tendency to use the same ones across services increases account takeover and brand damage risks – as seen with recent security incidents at Tesco Clubcard and Boots Advantage.
COVID-19 editable e-book
The flow of information on COVID-19 shows no sign of slowing, and as clients turn to their accountants for the most up-to-date advice and information available, the challenge for accounting firms is how best to ensure colleagues and clients can access up-to-date and relevant information in a manageable way.
Wyld grows in IoT and mobile mesh
Strengthening its growing pipeline of opportunities in mobile mesh networks and wireless IoT connectivity, Wyld Networks has secured a new £400,000 investment, in the form of a Convertible Unsecured Loan Note.
Boldon James comments on Le Figaro
Recent news that the French national newspaper “Le Figaro” suffered a human error based data leak, with 7.4 billion records left exposed in a cloud server, is another stark reminder for organizations to ensure their data protection policies are robust,” warns Martin Sugden, the CEO at Boldon James.
Enterprise AI from Datarobot
Enterprise AI experts, DataRobot unveils the latest version of its Enterprise AI Platform introducing visual AI, AI applications and automated deep learning to further unlock the value of AI by putting the power of AI into the hands of more users and making it simpler to build and deploy deep learning models.
DarkOwl uses BlueVoyant for security
Global expert-driven cybersecurity services company, BlueVoyant has been selected by DarkOwl, providers of the world’s largest index of darknet content, to deliver a tailored and comprehensive Managed Security Service.
Covid-19 cyber attacks​

Leveraging new attack data from the VMware Carbon Black Cloud, VMware Carbon Black ( has published new research outlining how cybercriminals are capitalising on the shift to remote work amid COVID-19.

Become a junior cyber warrior
If you have any young, would-be cyber warriors at home or know children who need activities to occupy their time, you might like to share this booklet prepared by WatchGuard.
Yubico comments on passwords​

The proliferation of poor password hygiene continues which is why World Password Day is still relevant.  Started by Intel in 2013, World Password Day is intended to encourage us to consider and improve our password practices.

Conga achieves ISO 27001 and 27701
End-to-end Digital Document Transformation (DDX) solutions expert, Conga completes its annual audit examinations to the latest standards and achieves both ISO 27001 and 27701 certifications.
Watchguard acquires Panda Security
Network security and intelligence, secure Wi-Fi and multi-factor authentication specialists, WatchGuard Technologies has acquired Panda Security, a leading global provider in advanced endpoint protection.
World password day
Passwords in the current crisis are all important.
Egress comments on NCSC service
The launch of The National Cyber Security Centre’s latest ‘Suspicious Email Reporting Service’ is being well received by industry experts.
Boldon James comments on compliance
Almost 400 data breaches were reported to the Irish Department of Social Protection last year, of which many were the result of information being sent to the wrong person, according to a recent FOI request.
Context joins ASSURE
Context Information Security  has become one of the first companies to be accredited for the new Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) ASSURE scheme, part of the CAA’s Cyber Security Oversight Strategy for the UK aviation sector.
Validity for good
To ensure that COVID-19 related communications from government agencies and orgnaizations reach the inbox, email solutions provider, Validity is providing a free access to its crisis communications programme, Validity for Good.
Simon Blunn recognized by DataIQ

Simon Blunn, Vice President and General Manager for DataRobot in EMEA is recognized as one of the UK’s most influential practitioners of data and analytics after DataIQ received a record-breaking number of nominations for this year’s edition of the 100.

New CSI driver
“The pace of change in containerized environments is incredible,” says Gregory Touretsky, Senior Director, Product Management at Infinidat as the company announces the general availability of its Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver for Kubernetes and other CNCF-compliant containers environments.
APAD recommends Caspar

Following resounding recommendations by peer teams via an online forum run by the Association of Public Authority Deputies (APAD), Trojan Consultants  welcomes Denbighshire County Council in Wales as a new customer of its highly-acclaimed Caspar Appointeesp & Deputyship case management solution.

Hull City council chooses Caspar
Hull City Council is the latest public authority to select the Caspar Appointeeship & Deputyship case management solution from Trojan Consultants (, following enthusiastic recommendations from other local councils on an online forum run by the Association of Public Authority Deputies (APAD).
Free Vortex 6 service
Given the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its impact on businesses, SaaS solution specialists, Vortex 6 is offering its V6 Fusion clients a complimentary Monitoring Service which will run until the end of September 2020.
New WSO2 Identity Server
Some 90% of security breaches could be avoided if enterprises used multi-factor authentication (MFA).  Yet to make user sign-on convenient, many enterprises are still relying only on usernames and passwords – and avoiding other strong second-factor authentication methods.
Coronavirus - impact on fraud
A recent report by Forter, the leader in e-commerce fraud prevention, assesses the broader impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on e-commerce shopping habits and the growing use of the crisis to perpetrate fraud.


Coronavirus-related cybercrime

As more and more employees are mandated to work from home, security and non-security professionals alike are left wondering what they can do to keep their data and systems safe.

BitSight and Microsoft take down Necurs

BitSight has announced a major breakthrough in the fight against hackers, with the takedown of the prolific Necurs botnet.

Infinidat crosses 6 exabyte milestone

Leading provider of multi-petabyte data storage solutions, Infinidat announces that it has deployed more than 6 Exabytes in global storage capacity.  

Core DataCloud selects Infindat

To support the growing customer demand for its cloud-based disaster recovery and backup services business, Core DataCloud  has selected Infinidat Infinibox® enterprise storage system from Infinidat, the market’s leading provider of multi-petabyte data storage solutions.

DataRobot and COVID-19 research

Leading enterprise AI specialists, DataRobot, announces that it will provide the DataRobot enterprise AI platform free of charge to those interested in using it to help with the COVID-19 virus response effort.


Netwrix enhances Google Drive

Security expert, Netwrix now delivers Data Classification for Google Drive and integrates with Microsoft information protection following the release of Netwrix Data Classification 5.5.2.

LONDON6 and LONDON10 opens

To meet the needs for well connected, flexible and scalable facilities, VIRTUS Data Centres has opened two new data centres bringing VIRTUS’ total live technical space to 97MW of 165MW available.

Ransomware growth
This year, IT security specialists WatchGuard is warning of a rapid increase in the number of ransomware attacks on the cloud with the healthcare, government and industrial control systems sectors being particularly vulnerable to downtime according to the WatchGuard Threat Lab.

Crest and CAA join ASSURE
CREST and CAA have become accredit first companies under new ASSURE scheme supporting the CAA’s Cyber Security Oversight Process for Aviation.

Protecting against fraud scams

With coronavirus-related fraud attacks on the increase, Michael Reitblat, CEO and Co-Founder of Forter, the leader in e-commerce fraud prevention, outlines how people can protect themselves from fraud, and who within society is most vulnerable to scams.

Prism Viewpoint - Environmental marketing

Since 2018, public pushes for degradable products and environmental marketing have been commonplace.  Increasingly, companies are using disposable coffee cups, recycled paper and biodegradable plastic alternatives.

Watchguard Internet Security Report
Kali Linux modules make malware top ten list with dramatic year-over-year increase in malware volume and increasing focus on Europe, according to WatchGuard’s latest Internet Security Report.
Infinidat extends ecosystem
Leading provider of multi-petabyte data storage solutions, Infinidat, announces support for VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) with Infinidat InfiniBox Active-Active Replication, providing 100% application and data availability for virtualized environments.
Dr Hannah Fry opens Infosec
At Europe’s number one information security event, Infosecurity Europe, renowned mathematician and broadcaster, Dr. Hannah Fry is set to deliver the opening keynote on a lesson in predicting human behaviour through algorithms.
DNSWatchGo eliminates blind spots
A new service that eliminates security blind spots and blocks phishing attempts has been launched by WatchGuard.  Called DNSWatchGo,  the new cloud-based security service automatically detects and blocks phishing attacks, ommand and control callbacks and data exfiltration attempts against users both inside and outside the network perimeter.
Context identifies new threat
The Threat Intelligence and Incident Response Team at Context Information Security ( has identified a new threat group behind a series of incidents targeted at the aerospace and defence industries in the UK and Europe.
Ransomware growth
This year, IT security specialists, WatchGuard is warning of a rapid increase in the number of ransomware attacks on the cloud with the healthcare, government and industrial control systems sectors being particularly vulnerable to downtime according to the WatchGuard Threat Lab.
Failing to maximise data value
Organizations setting up to fail as they struggle to maximize value from their data according to a report by an award-winning independent IT advisory, Coeus Consulting.
Human skill and cyber resilience – Infosec poll
More than 40% of respondents in the latest by Infosecurity Europe, Europe’s number one information security event (2-4 June 2020 at Olympia, London), singled out human skill and expertise as the most important element of a successful cyber resilience approach. 
2020 - the year we put mor trust in AI 

Business and governments are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) for a variety of reasons including satisfying our desire for faster more personalized services – but how do we build trust in (and into) these systems?


NHS Digital partners with Egress

IT security expert and leading provider of human layer email security, Egress announces that its Egress Protect solution will be integrated into NHSmail.


Egress comments on T-Mobile breach

In response to the latest T-Mobile data breach, Tony Pepper, CEO of Egress says, “It is very concerning that T-Mobile has suffered yet another data breach.

Cloud9 partners with BSL for voice recording
To provide more robust and legally-compliant cloud-based recording solutions for institutional traders, Cloud9 Technologies, a leader in cloud-based communications, has partnered with Business Systems (UK) Ltd, a specialist in call recording and workforce optimization solutions.


Yubico comments on Boots breach

Yubico’s own research shows that while protecting customer information and personally identifiable information (PII) is a top priority for IT professionals, 62% reported that customer accounts have been subject to an account takeover.


Hackers target Loyalty programmes

Two of Britain's biggest retail chains, Tesco and Boots, have seen their loyalty card programmes targeted by hackers.

Tesco Clubcard hack

News of a potential data breach at Tesco has seen the retailer issue 620,000 new Clubcards to account holders.

Cathay Pacific fined

Cathay Pacific Airways has been fined £500,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for failing to protect customers’ personal data.

Boots Advantage Card hacked: Forter comments

Boots has suspended payments using loyalty points in shops and online after attempts to break into 150,000 customers' accounts using stolen passwords.


Sensitive data challenges continue, says report

Nearly 30% of UK organizations are discovering sensitive data outside of dedicated locations, even though 91% were sure it is stored securely, says the latest finds from Netwrix

Secure and economical workloads

To make security intrinsic to the digital enterprise, VMware has announced a series of advancements at this year’s RSA Conference 2020.

BitSight spotlights digital risk management

Digital risk management innovation and best practices is in the spotlight as BitSight launches a new Security Performance Management.

iland and multi-location backups
To improve how managed service providers (MSPs) and multi-location enterprises manage their entire global portfolio of Veeam cloud-based backup solutions from a single, unified console, iland has launched upgrades to its Secure Cloud Console solution.


The state of the password report
Hardware authentication security keys expert, Yubico has announced the results of the company’s second annual State of Password and Authentication Security Behaviours Report.
Insider data breaches major concern

Results of the second global survey by IT specialists, Egress reveals that a staggering 97% of IT leaders say insider breach risk is a significant concern.  


Forter Loyalty Program Protection

Loyalty programs have grown steadily in the last decade, and consumers have accumulated $48 trillion of unspent loyalty points globally.

DataRobot appoints Dan Wright

Leader in enterprise AI, DataRobot has appointed Dan Wright as President and Chief Operating Officer.


Augmented Intelligence

IT security specialists, Airbus Cybersecurity has strengthened its Threat Intelligence with ThreatQuotient to enrich the threat intelligence service it had been offering its customers since 2011 with additional contextual information at scale.

Demand for security ratings grows

The demand for security ratings continues to grow as BitSight, the standard in security ratings, announces that now has more than 2,100 customers worldwide as it closed its fiscal year ending 31 January. 


HALO Trust uses Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insight’s Business Planning Cloud solution is helping the HALO Trust  deliver greater benefit to communities affected by war.

iomart selects Silver Peak

Global SD-WAN leader Silver Peak has been selected by UK managed cloud services provider, iomart to deliver managed software defined wide area network services to its customers.

Data security : Boldon James comments

Employees at large organizations send over 130 emails a week to the wrong person reveals that data security is still a major problem for businesses.

9 in 10 breaches due to human error

CybSafe analysis of data from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office has found that 90% of cyber data breaches reported to the ICO last year, human error was the cause in nine out of ten cases


Record growth for Clearvision

As the larst Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in Europe, Clearvision has seen its turnover increase to £35 million, and is now forecasting to hit £41 million in 2020.


FS fear Brexit challenge

Six in ten UK Financial Services (FS) workers fear the aftermath of Brexit will be the single biggest challenge the sector has to face over the next 12 months

RiskIQ reviews shopping season threats

The 2019 holiday shopping season raked in a record $1 trillion, an increase of nearly $300 billion from 2018. Online sales increased 13% overall.

LogRhythm comment on bank breach

“In 2019, cyberattacks hit financial services firms 300 times more than other companies in the past year, according to a 2019 report from Boston Consulting Group.


NETSCOUT delivers DDoS visibility 

There were 4.8 million DDoS attacks alone in the last six months of 2019.


iland Toronto data centre

Secure application and data protection cloud services provider, iland has announced its new cloud region with the opening of its tenth data centre in Toronto, Canada.


DNS Watchgo eliminates blindspots

A new service that eliminates security blind spots and blocks phishing attempts has been launched by WatchGuard

DLA Piper GDPR Report

The recent GDPR Data Breach survey by DLA Piper has revealed that over 160,000 data breach notifications have been reported across Europe, resulting in fines of up to 97 million GBP, since the legislation came into force in May 2018.

ATO protection from Flashpoint

Global leader in business risk intelligence, Flashpoint  has launched its Compromised Credentials Monitoring solution that allows users to monitor exposure of compromised credentials.


New CEO for BitSight

Security ratings specialists, BitSight has appointed Stephen Harvey as its new CEO.


Mitsubishi Electric data leak

Jake Olcott, VP of Government Affairs at BitSight, comments on the recent Mitsubishi Electric data leak. 

2020 threat landscape

As we start 2020, what can the cybersecurity industry expect as attacks become even more sophisticated and complex?


DP still not a priority

North American businesses are still not considering data protection a priority, with only 37% of senior business managers in the region acknowledging the importance of compliance ahead of the implementation of the California Consumer Protection Act.

Managing downstream risk

As organizations’ vendor and fourth-party ecosystems continue to expand, so does their risk surface; however, lack of visibility into that ecosystem and the cyber risk within it makes it difficult for them to understand and effectively manage that risk.


Risk intelligence expanded

Business risk specialists, Flashpoint launches a new offering for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) that expands their security capacity and adds more value to their clients through proactive BRI capabilities.

Mobile frustrates workers

Mobile computing may be improving productivity by freeing-up the workforce from labour intensive and repetitive activities, but there can be no doubt that mobile workers are feeling the frustrations of working with their current handheld mobile computing devices.

LogicMonitor acquires Unomaly

LogicMonitor, a leading provider of infrastructure intelligence across both on-premises and cloud, has acquired Unomaly, an AIOps company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


Magecart attacks Focus Camera

Focus Camera, the photography and imaging retailer, has been hacked by Magecart, a cybercrime syndicate that specializes in digital skimming.  Unveiled by Juniper, Focus Camera was breached in late December 2019, resulting in customer payment details being compromised.



Technology and HR
Modern technology isn’t just a catalyst, if anything, it places more emphasis on the human skills that successful HR professionals have always been valued for – their complex problem-solving skills, creativity, relationship building and learning flexibility.


2020 Top IT trends

Security leaders are predicting cyber-risks associated with new technology will become mainstream in 2020, and technical debt, credential stuffing and access control will be at the fore.

Trojans and Malware threaten FSI

The Banking and Financial Services sector is struggling with a skills shortage along with the sheer volume of threats and alerts as it continues its ongoing battle against cybercrime, according to a Twitter poll conducted by cyberthreat intelligence provider Blueliv.


MoJ loses more laptops

According to Freedom of Information requests, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has had a 400% increase in lost laptops in three years.


Driving cybersecurity forward

Threats and hacks were cybersecurity’s greatest driving force over the last 25 years, according to 39% of respondents to a social media poll conducted by Infosecurity Europe  – Europe’s number one information security event, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2020.

ROI Calculator for Renewtrak

Automated renewals specialists, Renewtrak has launched its ROI calculator specifically for CFOs and finance professionals to show customer success and custom savings made through digital transformation and automation.

IoT top for IT decision makers

Information security and technology PR specialist, Origin Comms announces that 1 in 5 IT decision makers are now consuming media via IoT devices.

Renewtrak opens global HQ
Intelligent customer managed solutions provider, Renewtrak has opened its new global HQ.

Avoid gifting data

Sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide cybercriminals with increased opportunities to execute cyber attacks on unwitting shoppers and retailers. But, put commercialized sales dates aside, and retailers remain an easy target for cybercriminals looking to steal credentials to make a profit.


NTT awards Women in Cybersecurity

The Security division of NT has announced the winners of its inaugural Women in Cybersecurity Awards for Northern Europe.

Context identifies new threat
Context Information Security has identified a new threat group behind a series of incidents targeted at the aerospace and defence industries in the UK and Europe.

NTT appoints Paolo Masselli

World-leading global technology services provider, NTT announces Paolo Masselli as Chief Executive Officer for its UK and Ireland business.

Banks may cut ties with Facebook

News that the chief executive of ING has warned that banks might have to cut ties with Facebook if the social media giant launches its Libra digital currency without fully addressing financial regulators’ money laundering fears, has provoked much response from the legal and financial world.

Stefan Zeitzen gets top role

SER Group, a leading vendor of enterprise content management software, has appointed Stefan Zeitzen international background, joins the SER Group as its new Chief Sales Officer.


Business Systems on Network Services 2 Framework

Voice recording and enterprise workforce optimization solutions provider, Business Systems has been named as a supplier for Lot 13 of the Crown Commercial Service’s Network Services 2 framework for contact centre services.


Office 365 visibility with Netwrix

As organizations seek more visibility into Office 365, information security and governance specialist, Netwrix has released Netwrix Auditor 9.9.

Nuxeo delivers Enterprise AI

Leading cloud-native Content Services Platform, Nuxeo is announcing the immediate availability of Nuxeo Insight Cloud, a powerful artificial intelligence (AI).

The Transformation Challenge of the Invoice Process Exception 

One of the biggest challenges facing business today is the management of invoice exceptions.

Conga strong in EMEA

Digital Document Transformation leader, Conga ( reports tremendous momentum in EMEA.


WatchGuard achieves recommended rating

For the third consecutive year, WatchGuard® Technologies’ firewall product has achieved a ‘Recommended Rating’ with the release of the 2019 NSS Labs Next Generation Firewall Group Test.  


Who has the best IT behaviour?​

According to a new report on behaviour and attitudes to cybersecurity among different age groups, employees over the age of 30 are more likely to adopt cybersecurity best practice than younger colleagues who have grown up around digital technology.


IT eases credit risk

Those finance directors dealing with the travel industry will be watching the sad demise of Thomas Cook.  Not only has it a devastating impact on its former 22,000 employees, but also on its creditors.

G-Cloud for Business Systems

Voice recording and enterprise workforce optimization solutions provider, Business Systems has been awarded a place on G-Cloud 11 Framework for Cloud Software.

NTT Security Risk:Value 2019 report

​UK organisations are failing to make progress towards strong cybersecurity and are facing paralysis as cybercriminals become more advanced.

Milestone for Silver Peak

In just four years, global SD-WAN specialists, Silver Peak has surpassed 1,500 customer deployments of its industry leading Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform.

Purpose selects OneApp from MyFirmsApp

To optimize its digital connections with clients and prospects, Jersey accounting firm, Purpose, has selected OneApp from MyFirmsApp, the leading platform for accountancy firms.


Business Systems Awarded Place on G-Cloud 11 Framework 

A leader in voice recording and enterprise workforce optimization solutions, Business Systems ( has been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) G-Cloud 11 framework for Cloud Software.


Carbon Black responds to Capital One breach

In response to the recent Capital One breach, Tom Kellermann, Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Carbon Black (, and former cyber commissioner for President Obama commented: "This breach highlights a few important realities for cybersecurity in 2019. 

Digital Twins and AI
In a drive to increase on-site productivity and operational performance in the construction industry, BAM Nuttall has teamed up with tech-firm Iotic  and researchers at Cranfield University to develop an AI-based, computer-vision system using new digital twin technology.

Managing HR data

One of the most pressing problems facing HR today is dirty data that is, missing data, inaccurate data, duplicate data, says HR and payroll software specialists, XCD.


Egress comment on local authority data breach
The personal details of more than 30 people who applied to Glasgow City council for it's school clothing grant have been leaked to third parties.ProductLife grows
ProductLife grows
One of Europe’s leaders in global Regulatory and Safety outsourcing and consulting services for life sciences, ProductLife Group experiences global growth after strategic majority investment by 21 Invest France.  PLG’s founder and management team have also invested significantly in the operation.

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