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Coorpacademy voted top

Corporate Digital Learning expert Coorpacademy ( has been recognized as the leading ‘FrontRunner® for Learning Management’ by The Gartner Digital Markets Research Team.

Software users voted Coorpacademy top in the entire category, based on Usability and Customer Satisfaction, beating 22 other providers including Cornerstone LMS, OpenEdX and Lessonly.

A major force in the provision of user-centric corporate digital learning solutions, Coorpacademy makes in-work training always about the user, connecting back with the learner to find a better way to deliver what they want, as well as encouraging staff to develop their skills, especially ‘soft’ ones, to future-proof both their careers and the corporate knowledgebase.

Coorpacademy’s Learning Experience Platform (LEP) works by enhancing learner interaction and engagement as well as offering a wide range of training content using new digital functionalities, such as gamification and mobile learning, the latest teaching innovations including reverse pedagogy and 5-minute targeted ‘micro’ training modules, individualised learning paths and multiple forms of high value content via a catalogue of over 1,000 courses.

Commenting on the news, Jean-Marc Tassetto, co-founder of Coorpacademy, says “We are extremely proud to be recognized by the learners themselves as a leader in Usability and Customer Satisfaction.  This reflects our determination to only ever offer training that suits the learner and which engages them enough to keep them coming back for more!”


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