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Boldon James comments on Le Figaro

“Recent news that the French national newspaper “Le Figaro” suffered a human error based data leak, with 7.4 billion records left exposed in a cloud server, is another stark reminder for organizations to ensure their data protection policies are robust,” warns Martin Sugden, the CEO at Boldon James (www/

“In this case, the cloud server was already known to have security issues and with its lack of password protection, this provided hackers with a trove of information to launch follow-on phishing or identity fraud attempts.”

Businesses need to be looking to build a solid cybersecurity posture, from the foundations up, and with a multitude of new data protection regulations worldwide, data protection is under more scrutiny than ever before.

“By incorporating measures such as data classification, confidential documentation has a layer of protection attached to it that would mean certain rules apply to that data set, for example, only manager-level staff can access it, or that it would require authorisation from a department leader to be moved to another machine, site, or emailed to anyone internal or external,” comments Sugden.
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