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BitSight spotlights digital risk management

Digital risk management innovation and best practices is in the spotlight as BitSight ( launches a new Security Performance Management (  

With BitSight Attack Surface Analytics, security and risk leaders can quickly validate their organisations’ digital footprint, assess security posture and cyber risk reputation, and take steps to reduce their cyber risk exposure.

As organizations’ digital ecosystems continue to expand, security and risk leaders are challenged with managing risk across an increasingly complex attack surface. Organizations commonly suffer from limited cyber risk visibility across deployed assets, including the cloud, and existing tools offer limited ability for asset discovery, management and risk reduction.

“With the acceleration of digital transformation, including moving to the cloud, many organizations lack visibility into the assets that comprise their digital ecosystem, as well as the security posture of those assets,” says Dave Fachetti, executive vice president of Strategy at BitSight.

“BitSight Attack Surface Analytics helps leaders confidently grow and scale their businesses by providing continuous visibility into assets and risk, along with a way to prioritise actions that lead to measurable risk reduction.”

With BitSight Attack Surface Analytics, customers can gain a view of organizational digital assets – including cloud assets – that highlights the areas of greatest cyber risk; easily identify, filter and organise assets by subsidiary, geography, hosting and asset type to quickly identify previously unknown outliers and assets that require further investigation; overlay asset views with objective, quantifiable security insights based on the BitSight Platform to better understand which groups and types of assets present the greatest areas of cyber risk; and leverage insights to more effectively justify actions or investments to improve current security posture and communicate security performance.

More details about BitSight Attack Surface Analytics can be found at

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