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Basinas comments on Infinidat launch

As the InfiniBox® G4 family of next-generation cyber secure storage arrays for all-flash and hybrid configurations launches, we talk to Bill Basinas is Senior Director, Product Marketing, Infinidat about how  the company is accelerating the future of enterprise storage systems.

“The newest models to the InfiniBox® family of rack scale solutions – the InfiniBox™ SSA G4 and the InfiniBox G4 – creates a new, exciting and industry leading foundation of technology.  Like all our solutions, the power of having a software defined storage (SDS) operating system, InfuzeOS™, gives us the ability to adapt underlying technology without compromising interoperability or feature support.   Both the InfiniBox SSA G4 and InfiniBox G4 controllers are built on the AMD EPYC server architecture, utilizing a single socket 64 core CPU along with PCIe 5 bus infrastructure.  That means a benefit to performance as well.  Performance is up 2X from our Gen 3 platform.  Latency continues to be the unmatched leader in performance with latency as low as 35 microseconds!”

“But it’s not all about the numbers.  It is about the capability and what the underlying technology means from a business value perspective.  We can talk about performance specs until we are blue in the face, but if that doesn’t translate to what helps drive business outcomes and save businesses money, then why bother?”

“We have tremendous business value in our existing solutions, and we have backed that up as the first to offer SLA-based guarantees for years now, and that continues with the G4 family.  As always, many of our innovations are driven directly by the needs of our customers.  Today, customers want more powerful capabilities that utilize less power and smaller footprints – even at the deep core of the enterprise and their most important workloads.  With our new controller architecture, we have 31% more CPU capability and a 20% power reduction on a per core basis.  While we are known for delivering large rack scale solutions, we have expanded our solutions with our new F1400T InfiniBox SSA G4 family with 14RU form factor that fits into a customer’s industry standard racks.  The F1400T family will scale up to 3PB of effective storage capacity. A smaller footprint doesn’t mean less capability; it is an Enterprise InfiniBox SSA through and through – same low latency performance, availability, and cyber resilience with all the same guarantees.”

“All of our InfiniBox SSA G4 full rack scale solutions are also available in partially populated models, starting at 60% and able to scale up to 100% capacity.  The InfiniBox G4, our hybrid offering, offers a new capacity point with the F4420, which will provide up to 8.5PB of effective storage.  To round all this out, we are also announcing the InfiniVerse Mobius program.  Mobius, to me, has a simple meaning and understanding that I remember from the second grade!  A continuous loop, and our Mobius program provides a controller-based upgrade program for the InfiniBox G4 family to assure that customers have the most flexible, non-disruptive upgrade options with their InfiniBox SSA G4 and InfiniBox G4 investments.”

“With all the benefits we have provided and proven over time, we continue to extend our powerful capabilities, especially in workload consolidation.  Consolidation is one of the best and most proven ways to have a greener data centre, while reducing power consumption and data centre floor space constraints, but it goes further – it makes staff more efficient, as well as with our outstanding service-oriented autonomous operations, helping with the IT skills gap.  When they consolidate workloads, they are not worrying about associated performance and availability.  As a matter of fact, many customers have taken many workloads that were sprawled over many mid-tier arrays and now have a full enterprise performance and availability that mid-tier storage today just cannot provide.”

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